Yeast food supplies for vegetable crops


32-yeast feed for vegetable

Yeast dressings are useful for all vegetable crops, strawberries, flowers. Excellent use of yeast solution and as a foliar feeding.

Recipes for yeast dressings:

Recipe 1 200 g of ordinary baking dragozhi diluted in 1 liter of water. Before feeding, bring the volume of the solution to 10 liters.

Recipe 2 Stir 100 g of “raw” drains into 10 liters of warm water, leave for a day.

Recipe 3 10 g of dry others + 2 tablespoons of sugar infused in 10 liters of warm water for 2-3 hours. To feed the resulting infusion is used in a ratio of 1: 5

Recipe 4  In a 70-liter barrel with green grass (1 bucket) add the remnants of dry bread, crackers (0.5 kg) and 500 g of yeast. Use after infusion for 1-2 days.

Recipe 5 1st c. spoon dry drazhzhzhy + 2 tbsp. lotions of sugar + 2 g of ascorbic acid + handful of earth - insist in 5 liters of water a day. Feed in a ratio of 1 liter of infusion per 10 liters of water

I would like to remind our gardeners of the growth-promoting effects on the seeds of a simple yeast infusion.

It is not necessary to use drugs that are now being sold in large quantities in stores and on the market. Moreover, no one is immune from fakes. But to prepare yourself such a solution is very simple! Ordinary yeast provides many useful substances for plants, including phytohormones.

So, they contain cytokinins - hormones involved in the regulation of cell division and differentiation. There are in such infusions and auxins, and vitamins of group B, especially thiamin, to which the plants respond very well.

When the soil is spilled by yeast extract, the activity of microorganisms sharply increases, the release of carbon dioxide increases, and organic mineralization occurs with the release of nitrogen and phosphorus. The application of 1% yeast infusion to the soil is equivalent to the introduction of a standard seasonal dose of a complete complex fertilizer.

This yeast extract is prepared at the rate of 10 g of yeast per 1 liter of water.

32-yeast feed for vegetable

32-yeast feed for vegetable

32-yeast feed for vegetable

32-yeast feed for vegetable

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