Wooden house from glued timber

Wooden house from glued timber
Glued laminated timber is another perspective type of building material. Among the domestic manufacturers of glued timber can be distinguished www.ddm-stroy.ru, which build houses and other structures from it. To use this material have recently become due to the improvement and development of advanced technologies. Houses from glued wood in our time, occupy the top positions in the commodity market of house-building. Why is he so good?

I am more than sure that not many professional builders have even heard about the laminated timber. The reason for the rather rapidly growing popularity of this bar is obvious: the structures made of it are durable, time for shrinkage is not needed, high sound and heat insulating properties, excellent appearance and, as a result of this, no internal finishing is required. Houses from glued timber do not require special care, you just need to maintain the appearance of the building.

For the production of "miracle" timber use coniferous wood, and harvesting is done in the winter. Then the wood is dissolved on the boards, which are subjected to heat treatment in the drying chamber to reduce humidity and relieve internal stress, while eliminating the likelihood of fungi and microorganisms. Then all the boards go through the process of rejection, are selected without flaws and defects. Subsequently, the planks (slats) are planed and spliced ​​together with a specialized environmentally friendly adhesive composition using a press.

The profile of the timber is made in such a way that the walls are blown out of it and retain heat in the house. After treatment with an antiseptic and painting a bar, contact of the joints with precipitation is excluded. The timber will not warp over time and, accordingly, it will not crack over time while maintaining its specified geometry.

Domestic manufacturers produce glued laminated timber of various sections, which provide the required characteristics during construction in various regions of Russia.

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