Will mature trees take root in the garden

- To purchase adult trees should be approached with great care. The prospect of acquiring a beautiful large specimen that will decorate the garden immediately after planting is very attractive.

However, in reality, this can turn into disappointment and the loss of an impressive amount of money, because such plants are not cheap.

In serious nurseries, trees are grown using a special technology, regularly replanting them with limiting the size of the root system, which makes it possible to form it as compact as possible, and therefore convenient to transport and plant in a permanent place.

Plants grown in this way are well acclimatized, but their price — considering labor costs and the time spent on them — is high.

Unscrupulous sellers often offer buyers dug out of the ground trees with barbarically chopped off roots that are completely unprepared for transplanting. They cost less, but they have practically no chance to survive.

360-whether grown trees will take root

Therefore, planting material of large-sized plants should be acquired only in proven nurseries, without being tempted by the “profitable” purchase somewhere on the side of the track.

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