Why leaves of tomatoes curled

Why leaves of tomatoes curl, curl up into a tube, or turn yellow around the edges - these are some of the issues that concern gardeners. Almost all the owners of cottages, country land plots grow tomatoes, but far from all the process goes without a single problem. Bad flowering, late blight, leaf twisting in tomatoes require immediate action. Prompt action will help save the plants for future harvest.

169-Why leaves of tomatoes curled

Yellowing and twisting the leaves of tomatoes

There are several answers to the question of why leaves are curled around a tomato. First you need to determine exactly how in your case the leaves curl around the tomato. Plants can be subject to this nuisance and partly, and entirely. Localization of lesions can be at the top and bottom of the stem, and the leaves of the tomatoes curl both inward and outward.

Effect of Heat on Tomato Bushes

The causes of leaf curling are numerous, and one of them is adverse weather conditions. For example, because of the intense heat, the stems and leaves of tomatoes begin to consume large amounts of oxygen, which leads to an accelerated decomposition of the nutrients they receive. But an unfavorable thermal regime causes the plant to starve, which is why its leaves curl.

You can fight this scourge as follows. An artificial shadow will save you from the bright sun. In order to smooth out the effects of stress experienced by plants, urea is sprayed (to prepare a solution, 2 tablespoons of the substance are put on a bucket of water). 1-2 days after the procedure, the culture is additionally treated with a solution of manganese. A few days later, the twisted leaves straighten.

169-Why leaves of tomatoes curled

Spraying tomatoes with urea to protect bushes from the stress of weather conditions

Invalid care culture

Often the leaves of the tomatoes curl because of the wrong actions of the gardener, who takes care of the plantings. The reasons may be such as over-pinching, pinching, frequent abundant watering.

Leaves are folded in plants that have reached the second half of the growing season. First of all, the bottom sheets are curled, then those that are above them are wrapped, and so on up to the top. At the same time, they look like a funnel, the axis of which is the central vein, and the plates, when turned, are directed inwards. The ongoing changes condense the plates, give them fragility, although they are solid to the touch. If such plants also have flowers twisted, they fall off very soon.

If the leaves of tomato twisted for no apparent reason, we can assume that this happened due to an excess of nitrogen-containing additives with a strong deficiency of trace elements, the introduction of organic matter in large quantities, watering herbal infusion. What to do if this happens can be solved by determining which elements are missing in the ground. To remedy the situation, the plants are fed with complex fertilizers, which should be diluted in accordance with the instructions.

169-Why leaves of tomatoes curled

Fertilizing tomatoes with mineral fertilizers

In order for plants not to get illnesses in return for a cure, it is necessary to become familiar with the properties of the additives, before making them. For example, not completely rotted manure or slurry in large quantities can produce a lot of ammonia, which will cause burns on the leaves or damage the developing fruits.

Diseases and pests

Hopes for a bountiful harvest are not always justified if the development of plants occurs incorrectly.

Many inexperienced gardeners wonder why tomato leaves turn yellow. The causes of leaf curling may be different. So it can happen because of the wrong time procedures, the task of which is to ensure the protection of tomatoes.

Defeats of greens can be caused by such factors:

  • infection with bacteria - when it leaves on a tomato, it turns into a tube, and fade, then dry, and tiny cracks and ulcers appear on the stems of the plants;
  • appearance of sucking pests on ridges (for example, whitefly).

169-Why leaves of tomatoes curled

Tomato Cancer

If the wrong development of plants occurs during the invasion of pests - whitefly, aphids, spider mites - you should immediately begin to fight them. In modern stores for gardeners and gardeners there are many effective tools that help get rid of harmful insects. In some cases, simply spraying the bushes by any means will be quite enough.

To why the leaves are curled on the tomatoes, damage to the root system of the plant can also be attributed. So often happens if the seedlings are transplanted into the open ground, and it can not cope with the new conditions. This especially happens with overgrown plants.

What to do if you carefully care for the plants and carefully carry out all the stages of care, but can not avoid the fact that the leaves are twisted on the tomato? In the search for the cause can be established the presence of a bacterial infection. Its distributor is most often the seeds. To avoid getting an infection on this side, carefully prepare the planting material before placing it in the nutrient soil. Seeds must be decontaminated before planting. This will help to obtain viable seedlings, which, when planted in the ground, will successfully develop.

If you prefer to harvest seeds yourself, make sure that only healthy tomatoes are used to obtain them.

Diseases of tomatoes in the greenhouse (video)

Preventive measures

It is necessary to prepare in advance for the fact that during the cultivation of tomatoes there can be various troubles, plant diseases are not excluded. But you can try to prevent unnecessary evils of culture. Preparing for sowing, try to do everything in accordance with the rules of engineering.

In the soil should be on time and in the right quantities to make complex fertilizers with a sufficient content of trace elements. This approach is especially relevant in the first half of summer. It will be necessary to carry out some precautionary measures to help protect plants from pests and disease. Following these simple rules will allow you to count on a good harvest.

When twisting the leaves inside can help abundant, but infrequent watering. When constantly wet ground bushes can weaken, the fruits crack. It is considered a good option to produce watering about once a week for 10 days.

The main causes of leaf twisting in tomatoes (video)

In the middle of summer there comes a favorable time to mulch the plants. You can apply for this dried grass - it is placed over the entire area of ​​the ridge, surrounding it with bushes. Then do not need to often loosen and water the tomatoes. At the same time, the development-friendly environment in which the culture will successfully grow and bear fruit remains.

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