When to plant tomatoes

Tell me when to plant tomatoes? Last year, our seedlings before planting in the ground did not have time to develop well: the bushes were very small and frail, after the transplantation they got very sore, and some even completely died. Most likely, we sowed the seeds too late. I would like to avoid similar mistakes this season.

215-When to plant tomatoes
To get a good crop of tomatoes without growing seedlings is impossible. This culture has been developing for a long time, moreover, it is thermophilic, and the seedling method allows us to approximate the time of harvest and to avoid losses. One of the most important factors in this case is the correctly selected planting time. Overgrown seedlings do not take root well, too early - pulled out, and late planted tomatoes do not have time to get stronger before transplanting to a permanent place.

The time when you can plant tomatoes depends on several factors:

  • where tomatoes will be grown (greenhouse or garden bed);
  • what sort of tomato (early or late).

Greenhouse or open ground?
215-When to plant tomatoes

Since tomatoes are demanding for heat, the timing of their sowing depends on where the crop will grow in the future. If the cultivation will take place in a heated greenhouse, you can start planting in February. For open ground, it is better to postpone planting at the beginning of March, or even later.

It is also necessary to take into account the weather conditions of the local climate, especially when growing tomatoes in the garden beds. The closer to the north, the later should be planted tomatoes.

Influence of fruiting time on planting dates
215-When to plant tomatoes

Depending on what kind of tomato is planned to grow, and the sowing time is determined. In some, fruiting comes quickly, which means they need to be planted later, but late-ripening tomatoes require an earlier planting. It is possible to calculate approximate planting dates, if from the date of disembarkation to a permanent place take away the time that seedlings will grow indoors, taking into account the characteristics of specific varieties, namely:

  • early tomatoes need for full development of seedlings for about 50 days;
  • mid-season tomatoes spend in pots for up to 60 days;
  • late varieties develop even longer - up to 70 days.

In addition, from the received date should be subtracted another 5-7 days. This is the time it takes for the seeds to sprout.

For example, if it is planned to plant later varieties of tomatoes on a garden bed on the 20th of May, 75 days should be taken from this date (70 days for seedling development and another 5 days for seedlings). It turns out that sowing should be sown around early March. Knowing when to plant tomatoes, you can grow strong seedlings and produce a good harvest.

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