When sow marigolds on seedlings

Tell me, when to sow marigolds on seedlings? They always sowed flowers right on the flowerbed, but I want to admire the flowering not only at the end of summer and autumn. A neighbor suggested that if you plant seedlings, they will bloom earlier.

347-When to sow marigolds on seedlings

Marigolds or Chernobrivtsy - one of the most unpretentious garden flowers. Their seeds are distinguished by good germination, the bushes are absolutely not demanding to care, but for a long time they will delight with their gorgeous flowering. In addition, the characteristic aroma of inflorescences and leaves will scare away small pests from the site, which makes flowers a useful find for gardeners.

The most common method of breeding marigold - seed. Most often, the seeds are sown immediately in open ground and at the end of summer the lush bushes become covered with yellow or brown inflorescences, producing a persistent and rich pleasant smell.

The seedling method allows you to approximate the time of the onset of flowering for a month, as well as to avoid such a procedure as thinning the seedlings on the bed, because usually the seeds are sown "with a reserve", in case all of them grow.

When to sow marigolds on seedlings? Seeding time depends on two factors:

  • local climate;
  • expected flowering period.

Climatic features of growing seedlings
347-When to sow marigolds on seedlings

When planning planting seedlings, you should pay attention to the fact that marigold seedlings are planted in a flowerbed not earlier than the soil warms up well. On the street, warm weather should be established with stable positive values, including at night - the seedlings risk perishing from returnable frosts.

In each region, spring comes in its own time. If you plan to plant seedlings in a flower bed in the southern strip as early as May, in the northern regions the bushes will be able to “move” to the street only at the end of June. On this basis, they determine the dates of sowing of seeds, which vary from the end of February to April.

The effect of flowering time on sowing dates
347-When to sow marigolds on seedlings

On average, marigolds need about two months to grow a full-fledged bush from a small seed and tie up buds. It is necessary to build on when you need to get flowering, namely:

  • for the southern regions, where Chernobrivtsy will be able to bloom in a flowerbed already in April - in May, it is possible to sow seeds for seedlings in the last decade of February - in the first decade of March;
  • For summer flowering, it is better to start planting seedlings in April.

If the seedlings are grown early, in the winter months it is necessary to ensure the lightening of the seedlings, otherwise they will stretch, which will negatively affect flowering.

The seedling method is the best option to get the blooming of marigolds at the right time, in addition, the seedlings tolerate transplantation.

Video on growing marigold seedlings

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