When planting gladiolus germination

I bought several gladiolus bulbs on the market. This is my second attempt to breed them, the first one ended in failure: the tubers planted last year did not bloom, and besides, they did not suffer wintering. Tell me, when can I plant gladioli? I suspect that the flowering was not due to the late landing.

268-When planting gladioli for germination
Proud handsome gladioli are taken to grow not all growers, for fear of possible difficulties. And it’s completely in vain: if you choose the right time for planting, find a suitable place for the plants where they will be comfortable and cozy, and also give them a little attention, then they will not give you any particular problems, but they will decorate a flowerbed with large bright inflorescences.

One of the important factors on which the further development and, most importantly, the blooming of gladioli depends, is timely planting. Like all bulbous cultures, these plants are demanding for heat and moisture, so you need to accurately determine the planting dates.

Too late planting of the bulbs in the soil, which has already lost most of the moisture, will require more frequent watering, otherwise the tubers will not germinate, and flowering will be delayed. Conversely, early disembarkation is fraught with more serious problems, such as rotting due to an excess of moisture and unheated land.

The time when you can plant gladioli depends on the way they are grown, namely:

  • whether the bulbs will land immediately on the garden bed;
  • or at first they will germinate (the so-called seedling method).

When to plant gladiolus in open ground?
268-When planting gladioli for germination

Planting bulbs immediately on a flower bed requires adjustment to suit local climatic conditions. The optimal time for planting gladioli is the presence of well-warmed soil (at least 8 degrees Celsius). In different regions this time falls on different months:

  • in the south, with early spring, gladioli can be planted as early as April, because the ground dries quickly and then it may be too late;
  • in the middle latitude, the bulbs should be planted at the end of April (even if at the beginning of May there will be a night temperature drop, the unsprouted tubers will calmly transport it in the ground);
  • but in the cold northern latitudes, it is necessary to start planting gladioli not earlier than the end of May, or even in June, since late spring and returnable cold are characteristic of these regions.

When to plant bulbs for germination?
268-When planting gladioli for germination

Pre-germination allows not only to bring the time of flowering of gladioli, but also to determine which bulbs are healthy, and from what sense it will not.

You can plant tubers for seedlings in low bowls as early as March, but in regions from later spring it is better to wait until April.

Video on how to prepare gladiolus bulbs for planting

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