When is it time to plant tomato seedlings in a permanent

The timing of the planting of tomatoes depends on the region, on the condition of the seedlings and on where the tomatoes will be grown. The general rule is: they should be planted when the soil warms to a temperature above + 10 ° C, and the average daily temperature reaches 12-14 ° C.

In the southern regions, tomatoes have been planted in the field since the end of April, but in the Central Region there is no need to hurry. Here, tomatoes are usually moved to an unheated greenhouse on average May 15, in open ground - from May 25 to June 10.

If the seedlings have greatly overgrown, then you can try to plant it before these terms under the shelter of two layers of nonwoven material, film or under caps of cut ten-liter plastic bottles.

120-When it's time to plant tomato seedlings

Almost ready seedlings need to be pre-tempered, that is, to give her the opportunity to get used to the bright light, cold and wind. To do this, a week before planting, the plants are carried out in the garden, unless, of course, strong winds, heavy rain or frost are expected, and they are covered with thin non-woven material from the bright sun.

Alternatively, you can use a balcony, loggia, summer terrace or greenhouse. During hardening, it is important not to overdry the seedlings and not to forget to carry it away to heat when the weather worsens.

The day before planting in a permanent place, the plants stop watering so that the stems and roots become less brittle.

When planting tomatoes can be buried to the first leaves. Overgrown plants will have to be positioned at an angle. It is advisable to add a biostimulator intended for such cases to irrigation water.

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