When dive pepper

Sowed seedlings of pepper, the seeds came up together. Tell me when to pick a pepper? In the past year, in spite of the dosachivlenie, the seedlings stretched out, and the bushes were weak, moreover, they planted too late, and some plants even died. I would like to prevent such errors now and not skip the picking process.

205-When Dive Peppers
Many gardeners use peat cups or tablets when growing seedlings, in particular peppers, which allows avoiding picking and injury to seedlings during transplantation. But it is not always possible to purchase them, in addition, it is an additional cost, so most often the seeds are initially sown in the total capacity. In this case, an obligatory procedure for growing seedlings is picking. When mass sowing seedlings are obtained thickened, with the result that the plants do not have enough free space for development, their roots intertwine and they suffer from a lack of lighting. Transplanting seedlings of pepper from common dishes to separate containers will ensure that the bushes grow strong, and, accordingly, can give a good harvest. When do you need to dive pepper and how to do it right?

How to determine the pick time?
205-When Dive Peppers

The exact date of the pick of the pepper is difficult to call, it all depends on when the seeds were sown. Need to focus on the overall development of bushes. For example, when sowing in February by early April, seedlings are already quite developed and you can proceed to the procedure. On average, it takes from two to three weeks from the time of sowing to picking.

In order to prevent the seedlings from being pulled out and to pick them in time, the number of true leaves should be taken as a reference point: there should be at least two, but no more than four. Earlier or later picking is fraught with unpleasant consequences - the plants can simply not take root.

Where to dive?
205-When Dive Peppers

Peppers can be transplanted to any dish, as long as it is high enough, because the roots and the bush itself need a place for development, and with holes for outflow of excess moisture so that the pepper does not rot. Quite expensive peat pots are easy to replace with a more affordable option - make paper cups. They can also be planted in the ground without removing the bushes (the paper will eventually decompose in the soil).

Plastic or cardboard packaging from sour cream or yoghurt keeps its shape better than paper, but then the seedlings should be removed.

How to dive pepper?
205-When Dive Peppers

Many novice gardeners think that picking is a simple transplant, however, in addition to moving the seedlings to separate dishes, the pepper also undergoes a truncation of the central spine to stimulate the formation of lateral processes, as a result of which it builds up a strong and extensive root system.

Two days before the picking, the peppers are not watered - the soil should dry out slightly so that the seedlings are easier to remove. But if the ground is dense enough, then it is better to shed bushes a couple of hours before the transplant.

The process of picking itself is quite simple:

  • using a stick or a small wooden scapula, carefully remove the bush from the common container, holding it by the stalk;
  • pinch the roots, leaving ¾ of its length;
  • to plant a bush in a glass with nutritious and moistened soil.

Strongly deepen the seedlings do not need - it should be covered with earth to the place that before.

After picking, the pepper is kept for two days in a darkened place with a temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius, slightly moisturizing under the root. The seedlings may be planted a little - this is a normal phenomenon, but it quickly adapts, and after a few days the pepper is returned to a bright place, where it begins to actively develop.

Pepper picking step by step - video

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