When can be transplanted indoor flowers

Florist I am a beginner and in my collection there are not many plants. All of them were purchased, donated or purchased last year, I only have the second season, and I haven’t done anything with them, only watering. I noticed that some bushes became more than their pots and the leaves began to turn yellow. A neighbor said that this is because they are cramped. Tell me when you can transplant indoor flowers? It will be a pity if they disappear.

64-When can be transplanted room
Transplantation is an integral part of the care of indoor plants. Unlike those crops that live in the open field, home flowers have much more restrictions: they are constrained by the walls of the flowerpot and the available volume of land and are completely dependent on their owner. Over time, the nutrient reserves in the soil are depleted, while the flowers themselves continue to build up mass. Then the plants begin to suffer, starving and demanding expansion of space. In order to prevent this, it is important to know when it is possible to repot room flowers.

The optimal time for a transplant
64-When can be transplanted room

As it is known, in winter the light day becomes shorter and in such conditions the plants slow down their development. Some simply temporarily suspend growth, others hibernate, going into complete rest. During this period, they do not need to touch. But with the onset of spring, when the light becomes larger and active growth begins, that long-awaited time comes when it is time to start transplanting.

If the right moment is missed and the plants already have buds, the procedure is best postponed until the next season.

As for coniferous crops, their growing season is somewhat different: the growth processes take place in the winter time, therefore it is better to replant them in summer.

In the case when the flower is sick or pests start on it, transplantation should be carried out regardless of the season and flowering, otherwise it will disappear.

How to determine that the flowers need a transplant?
64-When can be transplanted room

Most plants themselves give us distress signals. An urgent need to run to the store for fresh soil and new pots, if you notice these signs:

  • despite frequent watering, the earth dries quickly;
  • from the drainage holes or directly from the pot on top stick out the roots;
  • the flower became thick and ceased to grow.

When transplanting it is necessary to take into account that some species do not need large space. So, violets and hippeastrum prefer small containers, so it is enough just to replace them with soil mixture. In large pots, they do not bloom for a long time.

Frequency of transfers
64-When can be transplanted room

Each flower has its own growth rate. Fast-growing cultures need to be transplanted every two years, those that develop slowly, you can not touch the three seasons in a row. But representatives of succulent plants generally feel quite well in the same pot and soil for 5 years. As for adults of large-sized specimens, they are not transplanted, but simply update the top layer of soil every 2-3 years.

Best time to transplant flowers - video

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