We build a straw house on the summer cottage

331-Build a straw house in the country
Building materials nowadays cost a lot of money, so those who decide to build a house in their country house have a difficult choice. As a rule, you want to spend a minimum of money on a country house, but for the view to be excellent, and to be environmentally friendly. And in search of cheaper materials you can consider building a house of straw. More precisely, from straw blocks.

It is worth noting that the use of straw in the construction of houses is not at all new. This method was known to our ancestors. Modern homes have a supporting structure made of metal poles or a hard wooden frame. And the inner space just has to be filled with straw blocks.

331-Build a straw house in the country

How to build a house of straw blocks

  • In order to effectively use straw in construction, it is necessary to approach its preparation well. There should be no rot or seeds in the straw.
  • For finishing of walls in the house, vapor barrier films and plasters with cement are not used, as the blocks either rot or cause ventilation to overlap.
  • Making the exterior or interior of the house, on the surface of the wall is applied a clay mixture with lime or clay plaster. Thus, the wall ventilation is done.
  • Access to the straw must be completely closed to subsequently avoid proximity to rodents, and it is better to pick up rice or rye straw.
  • Also note that the proper laying of electrical wiring and other communications will allow the house to stand out of the straw for a long time without damage.
  • Classic straw blocks are assembled by machine, where their dimensions are regulated. The classic block is 40 cm wide, 50 cm long and 50 cm high. Density is 75-100 kg / m3, but if the density is already 200-300 kg / m3, then the insulation increases, thereby reducing the risk of fire.
  • By itself, the straw performs the function of sound and heat insulation, and the supporting structure is a wooden-metal frame.
  • Since the main work is done in the workshops, finished products are brought to the place of construction of the new house. Therefore, the collection of an average house on its own takes about a week. None of the types of construction (neither brick nor wooden) do not have such short terms of construction.

331-Build a straw house in the country

The positive characteristics of a thatched house

It is necessary to carefully consider what advantages a straw house has over others. The main points that make you want to live in a house made of straw are:

  • Biopositive climate

Residents of straw houses often notice the fact that the microclimate at home makes it easy to breathe. There is a natural setting of temperature and humidity at home. This nuance has a great advantage for a country house, where people often rest, where they want to breathe deeply and stay for a long time both in summer and in winter.

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  • Environmental friendliness

The anthropogenic load on nature is reduced: materials that are non-toxic are used, forest resources are saved, air pollution is reduced due to the burning of straw, the processes of evaporation of harmful chemical elements and gas are eliminated, there is simply no problem with construction waste.

  • Fire resistance

If the plaster is of high quality, then due to the density in the blocks, good fire resistance is ensured. It should be noted that within 2 hours the surface of the wall class F45 to F120 withstand up to 1000 degrees.

331-Build a straw house in the country

  • Low heating costs

Due to good thermal insulation, the heating season takes half as much money when paying for fuel.

  • Thermal insulation

The coefficient of thermal conductivity of straw is 4 times lower than that of wood, and 7 times lower than that of brick. It is cooler in a straw house in summer than outside, and warmer in winter.

  • Soundproofing

Due to the tubular structure of straw and the presence of air in it, noise and heat insulation of a high level appears.

  • No mold

Since straw gives up and absorbs water vapor, dampness simply cannot arise. The main thing is not to forget that vapor barrier and hermetic films outside the walls are not permissible, inside - possible.

  • Durability and Reliability

Due to high-quality pressing, blocks or bales of straw can withstand very high pressure, so they have good strength.

331-Build a straw house in the country

  • Durability

The life of bales of straw exceeds the limit of 100 years.

  • Seismic resistance

They have a low risk of suffering from various natural disasters: hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.

Straw house design - the positive side

When building a new dwelling house or house in the dacha, the choice of a straw type will allow you not to limit yourself in the choice of design, thanks to the light straw “frame”.

The project of the house can be of almost any shape, due to the plasticity of the main material - straw. Freedom for creative nature - custom design of the house of straw!

Low window sills, rounded corners - is this one of the advantages and distinctive qualities of a thatched house? It is quite easy to do with electric sawing round windows in the house or arched doors. Thanks to modern opportunities to make frames or door leaves of the desired form is not difficult.

That rounded shape will make a straw house livelier and will please the eye with soft lines. However, it is also easy to make right angles and even planes.

331-Build a straw house in the country

House made of straw is easy to build

Why is a straw bale house so good at building?

There are undeniable advantages to this answer:

  • Cheapness

Straw blocks are many times cheaper than bricks. Although in fact, the savings have already begun from the very foundation. For a straw house a strong foundation is not needed.

Also do not need lifting mechanisms. In addition, straw - an easily accessible material that can be purchased at a tolerable price almost everywhere.

  • Build speed

The walls are built very quickly. It is believed that the longest stage in construction is the preparation of the foundation. Wait until the house "sit down" for the installation of windows and doors there is no need. Everything is done simultaneously with the construction of walls.

  • Low labor costs

If the right approach to the construction of the house of straw, you can build it yourself, thus saving on professionals.

A little time is needed to master the construction technique.

Straw House - budget option (video)

The disadvantages of thatched houses

The fact that at first glance seems to be the positive side of the construction of thatched houses can be a disadvantage. Consider the disadvantages that a straw house has:

  • the fire

Although less at risk of fire than wooden houses, but still straw, in the absence of proper processing, burns.

  • Dampness

In the absence of a proper natural ventilation system (in some cases, compulsory), the straw may be prone to decay.

331-Build a straw house in the country

  • Limitations of typical projects

The project is ordered individually due to its novelty.

  • Wall thickness

We need a foundation wider and larger roof area.

  • Some design limitations

Only with regard to the number, height and width of the openings and their location.

No need to think that by building a house yourself, you will definitely save on tools, materials and builders. If the professionals, which are not so many now, are guaranteed to do the work efficiently and quickly, then, having shown self-activity, you can get some losses. Carefully consider whether it is worth hiring specialists or you can make a summer cottage on your own to achieve the desired result. We recommend to ask what you need to know about the construction on your own site.

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