Tomatoes are frozen

Despite the fact that tomatoes are cold-resistant, many people prefer to plant a crop much earlier than the recommended period. As a result, seedlings suffer from abrupt temperature changes (especially in March and April). If tomatoes are frozen, the crop should be saved.

285 Tomatoes are frozen

Frozen tomatoes

Adverse temperature conditions

The first damage on the seedlings occur when the air temperature drops to -1 ° C. With the onset of cold weather, tomatoes are under stress. As a result, all superficial hairs rise, moisture is formed on them. It is these drops of water that create a shield on the surface, preventing the inside of the trunk and leaves from freezing.

If the temperature drops to -7 ° C, all planting material dies, and it is no longer possible to reanimate the bushes.

Saving Frozen Sprouts

If the tomato bushes caught frost, and the top of the seedlings struck by dark spots and fade, you need to immediately resuscitate.

Seedlings die at temperatures below -4 ° C. The plant does not maintain such indicators and ceases to bear fruit. If tomatoes are frozen in open ground or in a greenhouse, salvation occurs by different methods.

Saving seedlings in the open field

If the seedlings are planted in open ground, after which the tomatoes are frozen, they can be saved as follows:

  • Completely trim the damaged area.
  • Fertilize (Zircon) in the root system or feed it with urea. This should be done carefully so that the drops of the drug do not fall on the stem.
  • Carry root fertilizer bird or cow droppings. Thanks to this method, you can even reanimate damaged roots after morning frosts.
  • Cover planting film for at least 7-10 days. Usually, tomato plants are withdrawn during this time.

After the seedlings begin to warm up gradually, they are sprayed with special preparations. It is recommended to use substances such as "Zircon" and "Appin". They help the root system recover and more quickly absorb moisture from the groundwater. Dilute drugs should be in the ratio of 2 mg of the substance in 10 liters of warm water.

Immediately after recovery, the seedlings will begin to bear fruit. Moreover, the time of ripening of the crop does not differ from those characteristic of a healthy planting material.

Salvation of greenhouse tomatoes

285 Tomatoes are frozen

Damaged plant parts need to be removed.

Many people think that in greenhouses and greenhouses the plant is not subject to frosts, but low temperatures harm even a greenhouse plant. If this happens, the film cover is completely removed, and then watered with warm water. It is better if its temperature is around 30-33 ° C. The next stage is spraying. For this recommend using "Epin." It is dissolved in boiled water at the rate of 2 mg of substance per 0.5 l of water. The spraying interval is about 10 days.

You should always take care of protecting tomatoes before frost. With a strong decrease in temperature, the containers with the seedlings are put on moistened newspapers, after which they cover the greenhouse with a double layer of spandbond. Upon completion of these procedures in the greenhouse can not enter within a few days. After a specified time, the bushes are sprayed with manganese solution and cut off all the damaged tops.

Frost Prevention

Timely prevention of tomato frost allows you to save the harvest and your own time. To prevent seedlings from being damaged when planted in open ground, rows are covered with several layers of plastic film. Over it put warm blankets or several sheets of cardboard.

If a slight cooling is expected (about -2 ° C), the bush is covered with a paper cap. Each edge of the cap must fit snugly to the soil so that the cooling cannot penetrate the ground and does not freeze the root system.

When planting in a greenhouse, a rag is thrown onto a frame. It is not removed until the air temperature is normal. Open plants only after the temperature is above 12 ° C. If every day for several hours to harden seedlings, it will be more resistant to temperature changes.

To protect tomatoes from frost, care should be taken to create a shade for tomatoes. Shrubs should not be exposed to excessive contact with sunlight. To avoid this, small metal arcs are installed on the site and covered with a dark-colored film. For these purposes also use agrofibre.

How to save the frozen bushes of tomatoesWhat can I do if the seedlings are frozen? Tomatoes are frozen, they started the grain crusher.


If the spring frosts violate the quality of the garden plot, you need to immediately take steps to save it and not be afraid to lose a few bushes. Save the plant is easy. If it is correct to do all the above procedures, the plants will move away from frosts much faster, the process of ripening the crop will go faster. We must not forget about preventive measures, as it is much easier to save tomatoes from unpleasant situations.

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