Tomato thick cheeks

When choosing the best variety of tomatoes, the gardener should focus not only on the yield of individual varieties of nightshade, but also on the complexity of caring for them. One of the best options for such varieties is a tomato. Thick cheeks.

161-Tomato thick cheeks

Characteristics of tomato varieties Thick Cheeks

This culture has many advantages in growing. From one small bush receive up to 5 kg of tasty sweet tomatoes.

Tomato characteristic

Tomato Thick cheeks determinant. It can be grown both in greenhouses and in the open field. Fruits ripen in 103-110 days from the time of sowing the seeds to harvest. The characteristic of this variety is surprising. With its short stature, a tomato belongs to high-yielding varieties. In addition, it is resistant to diseases and pests immunity.

Description of tomato bush

Tomatoes Thick cheeks are easy to grow, not only in the greenhouse, but also outdoors. In addition, the compactness of the bushes (up to 70 cm in height) is combined with the power of the stems, which bear the weight of fruits up to 5 kg. Without tying still can not do. All the necessary support set immediately after transplanting into the ground.

The foliage of such a bush is medium in size, dense, dark green. For the full ripening of fruits, it is important to get a sunny color, so the thick foliage is often cut, just like the stepchildren. Such measures contribute to the normalization of the distribution of energy by the root system. So the bush will concentrate its strength on the ripening of fruits.

Fruit Description

With one bush of tomato Thick cheeks when grown in open ground, you can get up to 4 kg of tomatoes.

In the greenhouse, the yield is higher. Domestic gardeners are confident that with proper care, they can actually achieve higher rates.

No less important are the qualities of the tomatoes themselves. Like most tomatoes, they are red. Their weight is small - up to 220 g, the shape is flat-round. According to the characteristic, the following is characteristic of the fruit:

  • juicy pulp with a small amount of seeds;
  • no tendency to cracking the skin;
  • good presentation of the fruit;
  • good portability of transportation and long storage.

Features of growing

161-Tomato thick cheeks

Seedlings susceptible to cold

Tomato is best grown from seeds, sowing them in early spring. The very process of growing seedlings is simple:

  • Planting seeds produced in fertile soil. You can buy a ready-made substrate, or you can make it yourself by mixing garden soil with humus.
  • After sowing, the pots are covered with polyethylene and stored in a warm place.
  • With the advent of shoots, the film is removed, and the containers with sprouts are placed in a sunny place.
  • Picks are carried out with the advent of the second sheet.

Seedlings are prepared for transplanting into the street or into a greenhouse only with warming of the ground up to 18 ° C. Any cooling can ruin young plants, so in the northern regions it is better to plant them in the greenhouse. The layout is dense: 1 square. m dig in up to 5 bushes.

Tomatoes bear fruit better in places where zucchini and cauliflower were previously grown. These plants leave behind a large amount of trace elements useful for tomatoes.

Tomatoes for better growth need root feeding.

Caring for seedlings also has its own characteristics. Watering is better to make warm settled water. Periodicity is determined by the condition of the soil, which should be regularly loosened. It is important to carry out and fertilizer. Total for the season they spend no more than 3 times. It is best to use complex mineral compounds.

Diseases and pests

According to the description, the variety has a disease resistant immunity. He is not afraid of fusarium and verticelez. If tomatoes are grown in a greenhouse, regular airing and moderate watering are important. Excessive moisture and excessive soil moisture can cause tip and root rot.

The plant also needs preventive treatment. It is best to conduct spraying specialized drugs. Copper formulations may also be used.

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Tomatoes Thick cheeks have all the necessary characteristics in order to become ideal for cultivation in domestic conditions. High yield, resistance to disease and ease of care make it possible to grow a variety even to those who have only recently shown an interest in the nightshade.

A good harvest can be achieved only by fulfilling all the conditions of agricultural technology. Moderate watering, timely spraying and fertilizing - this is only one tenth of the care of tomatoes.

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