Tomato richie f1

Properly selected variety - a pledge of excellent harvest. Among the large number of varietal varieties of tomatoes, there is a hybrid of F1, which has been grown for more than 10 years by domestic gardeners - Richie F1 tomato.

330-Tomato Richie f1

Characteristic varieties of tomatoes Richie

Characteristic variety

Richie is a selection made by Dutch professors.

The variety is quite early: from the shoots of planting material to the collection of the first fruits, it takes about 3 months.

According to the description, the plant is low, about 50-70 cm. The variety is stem, with limited growth of the bush.

Fruits are dense, round, sugary, even, weighing 120 g.

Mature fruits are eaten fresh, used for whole-season seaming for the winter, they are closed with lecho and mashed potatoes, and a pleasant and healthy juice is harvested.

Richie is best grown in greenhouses, but he also grows safely in unprotected soil, some even manage to grow it on the apartment’s balcony.

This tomato is protected from fungal bacteria.

Growing tips

Richie F1 rich crop of tomatoes is largely due to the soil for seedlings: the more nutrients and minerals are in the soil, the better. It is also necessary to plant the planting material in a well-fed garden soil: so when transplanting into open ground, tomatoes are not subjected to stress.

The plant is desirable to tie or strengthen the supports. It should leave 3 stepson for good ripening. The hybrid is picky about the mode of irrigation and the presence of sunlight, responds well to complex fertilization throughout the growth.

Tomato Richie F1 fruits better on neutral soil than alkaline.


According to the description, under favorable conditions more than 1 kg of fruit can be collected from the bush in greenhouse shelters. With a planting density of 7 plants per 1 square. m goes up to 10 kg of tomatoes. In open ground, the yield is slightly lower.

The advantages of the variety

330-Tomato Richie f1

The fruits of this variety are versatile to use.

The variety has a number of positive characteristics:

  • good external and taste data;
  • the ability to be stored for a long time and not lose useful items;
  • precocity;
  • the ability to grow tomatoes in different climatic conditions;
  • universality in use;
  • high resistance to fungal diseases;
  • good transportability.


Negative traits of the variety include:

  • moderate fruiting rates;
  • demanding care.

Diseases and pests

F1 tomato variety is resistant to the main diseases of solanaceous crops: late blight, cladosporia, leaf spot, tobacco mosaic. Potential damage to plants by insect pests, therefore, for the prevention of tomatoes are treated with insecticides.

Tomato Ritchie F1Richi F1 tomato (Bejo) anti-fodCrop crops of tomatoes. Shedi Lady F1.

To prevent the occurrence of pests, it is necessary to observe the regime of irrigation and fertilization of the soil, timely loosen it.

Root rot can sometimes occur. This problem is dealt with by cultivating the soil, reducing irrigation and mulching. Mineral and chemical preparations are not used.

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