Tomato lorraine beauty

Tomato Lorraine beauty - an unusual variety of tomatoes, bred in the United States of America.

318-Tomato Lothing Beauty

Characteristics of tomato Lorraine beauty

Characteristic variety

Tomatoes Lorraine beauty is not grown commercially. Tomato bush fruits from July to September. On one bush is from 10 to 15 fruits. Tomatoes grown in warm weather and with moderate humidity are much sweeter than those that grew cool.

Description of the bush

Bushes of tomatoes usually reach a size of 1.5 to 2 m, not standard, indeterminate.

Fruit Description

Fruits of an original form: rounded flat, ridge corrugated, saturated red color. Tomatoes have a sweet taste.

According to the description of the variety of tomato Lorraine beauty, its fruits are large, the weight of one can reach 500 g. The fruits are fragile due to crypts - empty chambers. There is little seed in them, the peel cracks rarely, the flesh is thick and sweet.

The fruits are used only in fresh form, they are not suitable for canning.

Cultivation and care

Tomatoes Lorraine beauty grown in open ground. If weather conditions do not allow, the plant is planted in a greenhouse: there it also bears fruit well. Seeds of tomatoes Lorraine beauty sown in early spring.

Seedlings are transplanted into the open ground after 60 days to a depth of 1 cm. A distance of about half a meter is left between them. A little later, the bushes are tied to strong stakes. Tomatoes are regularly removed side shoots and lower leaves.

The seedling is thermophilic, for germination a temperature regime of more than 25 ° C is needed, therefore the tomato is most often grown under the film and using a lamp. This variety should be regularly watered and fed with mineral phosphate fertilizers.

Pros and cons of growing

318-Tomato Lothing Beauty

The plant has a high yield.

The variety of tomatoes Lorraine beauty has several advantages:

  • beautiful sweet fruits;
  • disease resistance;
  • good yield;
  • convenient size of bushes;
  • long storage of fruits;
  • ripening fruits at home.

Tomatoes have a number of negative characteristics:

  • hollow fruit;
  • possibility of use only in fresh form;
  • low yield at low temperatures.

Pests and diseases

If tomatoes are grown in open ground, they can be affected by various pests. To prevent the tomato from being attacked by aphids, slugs, Colorado beetles plant fragrant herbs next to them. If the flowering has not yet begun, they fight insects with an aqueous solution of ammonia or special chemicals.

Where tomatoes grow, it is necessary to loosen and mulch the soil with straw or peat: this helps prevent rot.

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Lorraine beauty is unpretentious in the care and rarely subjected to viral diseases. Spectacular fruit can decorate any table.

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