Tomato danko

When choosing a variety of tomatoes for planting in the first place pay attention to the taste of their fruits. One of the most advantageous in this regard is considered a tomato Danko. It differs in the refined taste and fruits of the original form. They look like a bright burning heart.

152-Tomato Danko

Characteristics of tomatoes variety Danko

Plant characteristic

According to the characteristic:

  • Danko variety belongs to the determinant types of tomatoes.
  • These tomatoes are grown both in the open field and in the greenhouse.
  • Tomato belongs to the medium early varieties.
  • The height of the bush is about 55 cm.
  • Fruits can be both medium and large.
  • More than 3.5 kg of products are collected from one bush.
  • Tomato has a high drought tolerance.
  • Danko is not exposed to viruses and diseases, but requires prevention.

When grown in the open field, it is permissible to leave several stepsons, then the bush will be more lush, which will increase its yield.

Fruit Characteristic

According to the description, the flowers of the tomato variety Danko are pollinated alternately. Early harvesting gives the plant the opportunity to make efforts to form new inflorescences, which significantly increases the yield of each bush.

Fruits are heart-shaped. Ripe tomatoes Danko painted in pink or red, have a sweet taste. The aroma is pronounced, has a honey note.

Description of the bush

In hothouse conditions, the shrub needs to be beaded, leaving 4 main stems, and tie up. Stems are knotty and loosely branched. Brushes are formed in the area of ​​7 sheets, the following occur in 2-3. The inflorescence is complex, each peduncle has a joint. About 6 brushes are formed, in each there are up to 10 flowers.

152-Tomato Danko

Plant needs pasynkovanie

From shoots to harvest the first harvest takes no more than 120 days.

Lack of variety

The only drawback is the thin skin of the fruit.

This feature makes the variety of tomatoes Danko non-transportable, therefore the industrial cultivation of tomato is unprofitable.

Growing seedlings

For successful cultivation of seedlings it is necessary to follow the rules of agrotechnology. It is necessary to provide:

  • a certain composition of the soil;
  • proper seed sowing;
  • temperature conditions;
  • timely watering.

Before planting seedlings in the ground should be at least 65 days from sowing seeds.

The composition of the soil should include the following components: 60% of garden soil, 15% peat, up to 15% humus and 10% wood ash. Drainage is poured into deep bowls, and from above - a layer of prepared soil. Seeds are soaked overnight in a weak solution of potassium permanganate, then thoroughly washed and placed in the ground. Top sprinkled with a layer of earth no more than 1 cm.

The surface of the soil is sprinkled and covered with a transparent film. Seedlings put on a bright place and maintain a constant temperature. Variations in the range of 15 ° C to 25 ° C are possible. Periodically spray warm water from a spray bottle. Sprouts should appear after 6 days. After the formation of two pairs of leaves, they dive and cover again. As the seedlings grow, the shelter is removed.

Landing in place

152-Tomato Danko

It is important to properly form a bush

Before planting in open ground sprouts are subjected to hardening. It is carried out 2 weeks before disembarkation. On the first day, pots or plants with seedlings are exposed to the open sun for no more than 10 minutes.

In the open field, the markings are made to 1 square meters. m accounted for 3 plants. In the greenhouse, it is possible to plant 4 plants on the same area. The holes are made wide and deep, a handful of wood ash is thrown at them and watered with warm water.


The main measure of care - timely abundant watering.

It is necessary to remove weeds and loosen the top layer of soil, eliminating the crusts formed after irrigation.

Tomatoes are fertilized after they take root in a new place. Extra root dressing is carried out with mineral fertilizers and trace elements, alternating with organic matter.

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Fertilizers containing green residues of plants and weeds are also helpful. They impose up to half of the big tub, then pour water and put in a warm place for fermentation. The mixture was stirred for 2 weeks. The finished emulsion is diluted with warm water in a ratio of 1:10, followed by watering of tomatoes.

Prevention and treatment

If the rules of care are followed, the plants do not get sick. For prophylaxis, they are treated with Bordeaux mixture, copper sulphate, Phytoofluorine, or other chemical preparations. From folk remedies tincture of garlic or onion is used: 100 g of crushed product is taken for 1 l of water and left for a day, then diluted in a ratio of 1:10 and sprayed with plants. Tinctures help in the fight against insects: they are deterred by their strong smell.

To prevent slugs from appearing on the site, the aisles are powdered with lime. At the same time it is necessary to observe the measure: if the tool gets into the near-ground area of ​​the earth, the plants will be damaged.


Growing tomatoes of an unusual variety Danko is successful only when gardeners follow recommendations. In this case, you can expect a good harvest, and beautiful heart-shaped fruits will delight the taste and aroma of all members of their families.

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