Tips for choosing a children's bed

Tips for choosing a children's bed

Today you can buy a bed without problems. But they are significantly different from the products used by our grandparents.

All products are distinguished by the richness of design, well-known specialists are working on them, who strive to show their creative potential for one hundred percent. Cots can be in the form of locomotives, cars, fairytale heroes, cartoon characters, etc.

The beds are both male and female. Women's beds are usually brighter. Our parents could hardly imagine such a thing.

The following types of cribs are available: cradles designed for newborns, cribs for babies up to 4 years old, cribs for school-age children, and cribs for teenagers.

If everything is clear with cots for the youngest children, the products for grown-up children raise many questions. How to choose a cot? What are the functional differences between beds for children of different ages? Let's try to answer these questions.

Cots for children under 4 years

A crib for children up to four years old usually has high sides so that the child cannot roll over them and cause injuries to himself. The bottom of this furniture can vary in height. Over time, the bottom can be lowered to ensure a safe positioning of the baby.

In the beds, babies learn to get up, walk, hold onto supports. If you take modern types of products, you can find products in which there are also dressers with drawers. All these additions help to store accessories easily and in an organized way.

Cots for preschool children and schoolchildren

These beds are designed for children of four years and older. They usually have larger sizes, they are made in a more elegant design solutions.

These beds are shaped like cars, favorite characters, creatures from computer games, etc. The beds also have bumpers, but not so high. There are different handrails and restraints to ensure safe sleep for the child. Cots are connected with a children's wall, a wardrobe. Read: Children's desk - the perfect decoration in the interior (80 photos)

Sometimes products are made in two layers - this is not necessarily required for a family in which there are two children. This bed is suitable for one child. The top place, for example, can be used for games, and the bottom - for sleep.

Teen cots

Beds for teens in their appearance resemble beds for adults. However, their design is still not so strict. In order for a child to have a musculoskeletal system, such beds have a hard bottom.

When choosing beds it is very important to always pay attention to the quality of the materials from which the furniture is made. Even if the bed attracts in its style and design, it is important that it be made of harmless, environmentally friendly materials. Always ask the seller for certificates on the products offered, because the quality of the bed will depend on the health of your baby.

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