The most unusual country fences

239-The most unusual country fences
If this is your first time on the website, or you just didn’t have time to familiarize yourself with most of our materials, we’re in a hurry to notice that we have lots of interesting and informative articles about fences. Therefore, we recommend reading each of them, and especially articles on brick, decorative and living fences. Of course, we would advise you to read the rest of the materials about the dacha fences, but this is already on request or need.

Today we will show you truly unique fences, which were invented by summer residents and residents of the suburbs. Perhaps, simply out of boredom, but it is quite realistic, as for a certain increase in the practicality and originality of the suburban area. Well, let's get started!

239-The most unusual country fences

In the form of colored pencils

This is a very fun enclosing design that can cheer up any summer resident. Especially cool if you do this at your country house, and completely with your own hands. We, as always, not only submit ideas, but also tell you how to bring them to life.

The fence in the form of colored pencils is created from logs or even boards, which are cut from the top by means of sharpening and simply painted in different colors. This is an interesting solution for any villa, especially if you are a creative summer resident and love bright colors on the territory of your own possessions.

Excellent such a fence will look together with prefabricated flower beds, Moorish lawn and other similar solutions.

239-The most unusual country fences

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In the form of antique amphoras

Honestly, we do not even know how to properly name such a fence, but it is clearly sculptural, and is installed in a classical or medieval garden of a certain country villa. But we will not particularly go into comprehension, but simply pay attention to details, because you can create something like this at your own summer cottage.

In our picture you see amphoras, from which branches of a certain plant come out.

You can repeat this simply by ordering amphoras of the desired shape and size in a workshop for concrete, as well as installing branches from country trees in them, having previously painted in gold, silver or bronze. But let us immediately warn you that even the painted branches of the tree will not be able to serve for a long time, and therefore, if you really liked the fence, combine concrete and forging, it will be nice and durable!

239-The most unusual country fences

From old car numbers and signs

The simplest metal construction is most likely even an old frame fence that is simply sheathed with outdated numbers and road signs. Very nice and bright, especially if the numbers are slightly newer than in the picture.

In this way, you can "update" absolutely any fence - wooden, iron, concrete. You only need to pick up the plating materials and fix them on the screws in the case of a wooden or metal base, and on the dowels - on stone, brick, concrete. You can learn about the decorative fences to give.

239-The most unusual country fences

In the form of an aquarium

It is clear that in the ordinary country house, where we grow cucumbers and parsley, this is impossible. And the reason for this is simple human envy and vandalism skills for everyone to whom this feeling is inherent. Such a "fence" can be smashed, turned over, climbed to fish, and therefore we recommend the construction of such masterpieces only in private territories, for example, in country villas or at least in cottage villages with security.

Build a fence in the form of aquariums is quite difficult and expensive, so only one person in tens of thousands will want to associate themselves with such a thing. But it is real, and even very, especially if there is an opportunity to order aquariums and special equipment for water facilities from an intelligent manufacturer, and then install everything on a reliable basis.

239-The most unusual country fences

Under the hedge

There is nothing easier than to intertwine thin slats and slats, and install them in a ready-made framework. Thus, you can get a nice decorative fence.

It looks good on its own, but it can become a background for a living fence, about which we advise you to read the article we wrote earlier, as well as the basis for climbing plants.

By choosing flowers or even creepers, and securing them on a decorative fence, you will get a truly original perimeter around your own summer cottage.

239-The most unusual country fences

Abstract fence

If you have enough imagination, then such a fence can be made very simply.

And even geometry is not important, since balls, cubes or triangles are only figures that you choose.

Such a fence is installed on metal poles that are deeply dug into the ground. If you have never encountered the installation of fence posts, we advise you to pay attention to the special material on this issue. If you are up to date, we will only recall the process.

So, we need a solid foundation that is created from pipes or shaped pipes. Further, all the supports are interconnected by a single line, such a mortgage, which is the basis for the suspension of geometric shapes. We cannot say that such a fence is practical, but in originality it will overtake many unusual options. You can learn how to choose a fence.

239-The most unusual country fences

High fence for the garden

We can not accurately explain our own impressions about this design, but we can say that this option is unusual and cute. As you can see, this is a slightly non-standard composing fence of a very bizarre shape.

For its production, a base is initially prepared, of course, in it every next pillar of different height. Due to this, it is possible to regulate the course of the fence, which is interesting for a country garden or a playground. For materials of the same production, you can use a wooden rail or metal profile. The main thing is to guess the color of the painting, because we have to get something very funny!

239-The most unusual country fences

Mirror fence

We consider this option a real miracle, because it is not only beautiful, but also affects the human consciousness. Look closely at the image and you will see how charming such a fence is.

You can make a mirror fence, but it is worth preparing for the fact that you have to spend a lot of money. First of all, you will need to install a standard and reliable fence that can support the weight of the mirrors on yourself (glass or plastic), and then fix on it specially ordered mirrors.

To do this, you need an accurate calculation, skillful masters of an advertising agency or a glass workshop, where cutting will be performed, glue for a mirror canopy, as well as a lot of time and patience to complete the project.

239-The most unusual country fences

Wicker fence: a new idea

If you have a usual netting chain-link around the dacha, it doesn’t hurt, and even helps to make a new and original fence. Let's just say it would be a wish. All that is needed is a wool thread of different colors or a thin electrical cable, also of different colors. With their help, it will be possible to create patterns that are similar to embroidery on fabric.

While fantasizing on a variety of themes for decorating such fences, you can create whole pictures, or move away from classical drawings and get closer to abstraction, which will be much easier and faster.

239-The most unusual country fences

Upgrading with old plastic bottles

It is not easy to collect such a number of plastic bottles, but if you want to cheaply change the appearance of the dacha fencing, then you can try. As you can see, this is just a bright and fun design that can be made in just a day, of course, if there is an assistant.

You need to work with multi-colored plastic bottles, placing them in the grid cells of the fence. So you can make the same whole sections, or work on the drawings and inscriptions.

If you are interested in such projects, we recommend to read an article about handicrafts made of plastic bottles. In it you will find a lot of interesting things!

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Tree and gabions

This dacha fence can be considered unusual only for the reason that rarely do we see such compositions of materials at country houses. No, wood and stone are very often combined into a single whole, when the owners of the dacha want to add decorativeness to the fence, but this always happens in a slightly different way.

The fence of gabions and wood is built in separate sections, but with common supporting pillars. A section of wood on one side and gabions with a stone on the other is tied to each fence post. The design must have high strength, as some of its parts, the same welded mesh with stone, are heavy.

Pay attention to the strength and reliability, but do not go away from the natural materials. Also, to get closer to this topic, read the article about gabions in the country, it will be very interesting for you!

Unusual fences for summer cottage is the realization of the ideas of summer residents themselves. Sometimes, it is also design ideas, but there are far fewer. And therefore you can always think up something like that yourself, or look at the ideas on our website to create a stylish and unusual country fence. But if you have other ideas, feel free to share them in the comments to the article!

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