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Stoves for bath "Varvara": features and varieties

Stoves for the bath
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  • "Terma Tale" and "Tale"
  • "Kamenka" and "Terma Kamenka"
  • Mini oven
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  • Russian manufacturers offer a wide range of models of equipment for heating baths. For this purpose, perfectly suitable domestic stove for bath "Varvara".

    This product has advantages in use over foreign brands of furnaces.

    Stoves for the bath


    The company "Varvara", which is located in Tver, began to manufacture its furnace products about 10 years ago, and this brand is still in great demand and positive feedback from the owners.

    Thanks to the complete structures, they can be installed in the smallest rooms of the steam rooms.. Various models of stoves allow you to create a unique image in the bath.

    Manufacturers of "DERO and K" deserve the demand for the fact that for the manufacture of construction using high-quality building materials. And also manufacturers are based on the wishes of customers. All products are tested for compliance with European quality.

    Stoves for the bath

    Power of the Varvara furnaces varies from 8 to 12 kW. The thickness of the metal used for the manufacture of the combustion chamber of the fuel does not exceed 6 mm. Due to such use of the material, the construction will serve for a long time.

    Only one type of fuel is used - this is wood. The heating time of the steam room is 1-1.5 hours. After the firewood has completely burned down, the room cools down rather quickly. But the manufacturer has produced models with two stoves that retain heat indoors much longer. This is due to the lining of the structure with natural stones.

    Stoves for the bath
    Stoves for the bath
    Stoves for the bath


    Model stoves "Barbara" are very simple in the device. The design is made of elements:

    • furnace firebox, which is designed to load fuel (wood);
    • the final chamber, where the final decomposition of the flue gases occurs;
    • ashpit and grate, necessary to adjust the process of burning fuel and collecting solid fuel residues;
    • chimney construction;
    • the furnace lining providing heat transfer from the furnace to the environment;
    Stoves for the bath
    Stoves for the bath

    Each model of the furnace can be equipped with additional elements that allow the furnace to function more efficiently and comfortably:

    • remote chamber firebox, which can be made in different variations: short, standardized, elongated;
    • padlock. Such a device is a water tank, which is fixed to the left or right of the furnace in a special recess. The tank is made of stainless steel with a thickness of not more than 1 mm;
    • wide door, which is mostly an element of decor;
    • water tank. It is installed on the chimney pipe in the event that the bath is equipped with running water. In this case, you can take a shower;
    • heat exchanger. This device is necessary to heat the fluid in a container located at a remote distance from the stove. You must constantly monitor the amount of water in the heat exchanger. With a lack of water, a depressurization mechanism may occur.
    Stoves for the bath
    Stoves for the bath


    Consider the basic models of wood stoves "Barbara".

    "Terma Tale" and "Tale"

    These are fast-heating stoves that keep heat indoors for quite a while. The walls and the upper part of the stove are lined with natural stone (talkative). The screen is made of heat-resistant glass, thus, it is possible to admire the fire.

    The difference between these furnaces is the capacity for stones. In "Fairy Tale" it is presented in the open, and "Terma Fairy Tale" has a closed tank with a lid. Such types of furnaces heat a room of no more than 24 m². Construction weight up to 200 kg. Mini-stoves of these models heat up rooms of no more than 12 m².

    Stoves for the bath

    Technical characteristics of the furnace "Fairy Tale":

    • dimensions - 780 mm x 560 mm x 780 mm;
    • power - 12 kW;
    • construction weight - 105 kg;
    • fuel - wood;
    • firebox size - 66 cm;
    • mass of stones - 95 kg;
    • glass dimensions - 29 x 30.5 cm.
    Stoves for the bath
    Stoves for the bath

    Parameters "Terma Tales":

    • dimensions - 800 x 500 x 1120 mm;
    • construction weight - 245 kg;
    • fuel - wood;
    • the size of the combustion chamber is 76 cm;
    • stone weight - 70 kg.
    Stoves for the bath
    Stoves for the bath

    "Kamenka" and "Terma Kamenka"

    These are furnaces that have their own varieties:

    1. "Kamenka". The weight of the structure is up to 120 kg. The maximum load of stones is 180-200 kg. It is designed for heating a room of no more than 24 m², and the heating time varies from 1 to 1.5 hours.
    2. "Kamenka" with an extended firebox. The size of the firebox is 10 cm larger than the previous variation of the "Kamenka". The weight of the device is no more than 120 kg.
    3. Mini-Kamenka it is made for small premises (no more than 12 m²). The weight of the structure does not exceed 85 kg. Mini-oven is a compact device that does not provide much difficulty in use.
    4. Mini-Kamenka with an extended combustion chamber.

    "Terma Kamenka" has identical types of stoves, as in "Kamenka". The only difference between these designs is a closed stone container at Terma Kamenka.

    Stoves for the bath

    Mini oven

    Due to its compact dimensions, it is installed in small size steam rooms.

    There are several varieties of mini-ovens:

    • mini-stove without contour;
    • hinged stove;
    • oven with a contour.
      Stoves for the bath
      Stoves for the bath

      The mini-design is equipped with a heat exchanger, which is designed to heat the water in the tank (volume up to 50 liters). The heat exchanger is located at a certain distance from the stove.

      Technical characteristics of the mini-oven:

      • dimensions - 620 x 390 x 735 mm;
      • construction weight - 78 kg;
      • power - 8 kW;
      • firebox size - 540 mm;
      • heating time - 60 minutes.
      Stoves for the bath
      Stoves for the bath


      The stoves of this model have the same varieties as the mini-stove, only this design is intended for large room sizes:

      • mounted tank capacity 55 liters;
      • dimensions - 685 x 430 x 840 mm;
      • construction weight - 113 kg;
      • fuel - wood;
      • firebox size - 620 mm;
      • warming up time - 60 minutes.

      Mini oven is very effective in heating the room. The design is equipped with double thermal convection, which allows for faster heating. Additionally, a water circuit can be installed, as well as various types of firebox chamber. Perfectly functions with a lateral hinged tank.

      Stoves for the bath
      Stoves for the bath


      Stoves "Barbara" and "Mini Barbara" are available in 2 variations that have different doors in the firebox chamber:

      • cast iron door;
      • door in steel (4 mm) with heat-resistant glass.
        Stoves for the bath
        Stoves for the bath

        Door window options:

        • “Barbara” - 290 mm x 310 mm;
        • "Mini Barbara" - 220 mm x 260 mm.
        Stoves for the bath
        Stoves for the bath

        It happens that the size of the room does not allow installing the device so that the door of the furnace is located in the next room. To alleviate such a problem, there are models of "Kamenka", "Fairy Tale", "Polennitsa" with 3 parameters for the removal of the fuel structure:

        • short combustion chamber - 4 cm;
        • standardized firebox - 16 cm;
        • elongated chamber of the firebox - 30 cm.
        Stoves for the bath
        Stoves for the bath

        Varieties of mini-ovens have the following dimensions of the combustion chamber:

        • short firebox - 2 cm;
        • standardized combustion chamber –14 cm;
        • elongated chamber of the firebox - 28 cm.
        Stoves for the bath
        Stoves for the bath
        Stoves for the bath


        To create the climate of a real Russian bath, the Varvara stove is faced with brick.

        Here is the most economical variation of the foundation for the Varvara stove made of logs and the correct lining:

        • Only one side of the foundation is brought under the wall in such a way that the stove screen comes out into the rest room. It is necessary to overlay with waterproofing material, and the walls start to be cut with 2 crowns. As a result, the foundation will be as close to the wall as possible. A brick screen combines with the other side of the stove, which is located in the steam room.
        • Before proceeding with the installation of the furnace, it must be heated in the street. This is necessary in order to get rid of the unpleasant smell of the factory. The first row of bricks is laid on the mortar in accordance with the construction level.

        The furnace itself is installed on the 2nd row of brickwork.

        Stoves for the bath
        Stoves for the bath
        • In the area next to the chamber of the firebox, fire brick is used. In other areas it is allowed to use facing bricks. His sinuses are filled with ordinary sand.
        • The brick screen is made of fireproof clay mass. It withstands temperatures up to +1500 degrees. You can buy in any hardware store.
        • A piece suitable for a screen is cut out of a metal sheet, with which you can later cover the heater area.

        Two small doors are installed in the lower part of the masonry, and two dimensional doors - on opposite sides of the furnace construction. This is necessary to create air flow, that is, between the doors it will be possible to switch the flow of air under the stove in the modes: from the room for rest and washing.

        Stoves for the bath
        Stoves for the bath

        Creating a brick screen has its advantages:

        • accumulates the resulting heat, and will give energy gradually as it cools;
        • appearance - for the modern style, you can use natural stone;
        • dry heat appears in the brickwork, which is characteristic only of Russian steam rooms.
        Stoves for the bath
        Stoves for the bath

        Advantages and disadvantages

        The furnace for a bath "Varvara" has the advantages in application:

        • It is possible to order the device for any consumer preference.
        • Highly efficient heating. Convective design and building material, from which the furnace mechanism is made, allow to heat the room in 1-1.5 hours.
        • Reasonable cost of the device, which fully depends on the configuration and dimensions of the furnace.
        • Easy to use. The furnace does not require constant maintenance, it is enough to carry out technical work 1-2 times a year. The stove is cleaned through a hole in the back of the structure.
        Stoves for the bath
        Stoves for the bath
        • The furnace is wear resistant. The stove is made of metal with a minimum thickness of 6 mm, and the water tank is made of stainless steel.
        • Attractive appearance design. There are models lined with natural stone or marble, and the front wall of the furnace is made of heat-resistant glass.
        • The weight of the mechanism does not exceed 100 kg.
        • Long service life. The furnace is made only of high quality materials, as a result, the design does not burn through, and the appearance of the system does not lose its original appearance.
        • Rapid heating of the room.
        • Security.
        Stoves for the bath
        Stoves for the bath

        Buyers publish negative reviews about the Varvara stove:

        • Slow heating of the liquid in the tank. To solve this problem, you need to install a heat exchanger on the chimney, which allows rapid heating of water. The main thing is that the liquid does not boil, you need to constantly monitor this.
        • It is not recommended to heat the furnace with birch wood, because it will further lead to cracking of the hull.
        Stoves for the bath
        Stoves for the bath

        Visual examples in the interior

        Heating designs from the brand "Barbara" can be used in any stylistic image. Consider some of the variations that are currently most popular.

        Classic style

        The interior of the bath in the classical style involves the use of natural wood. Regardless of the size of the room, the design is characterized by basic elements.

        • Actual accessories: handmade sandals on the walls, amulets, wooden bucket with scoop, walkways on the benches. The effect of antiquity is created precisely by such elements.
        • Shelves that are made of solid wood, they can be of different designs.
        Stoves for the bath
        Stoves for the bath
        • The stove Kamenka is the main attribute of the Russian bath. Basically it is made of brick, and the lining is performed with natural stone. The best variation is the purchase of a finished furnace from steel, and the lining is made of stone.
        • Lighting. To create a warm atmosphere in the room is better to use spotlights or sconces with lampshades.
        • Furniture set. In this case, wooden massive tables with benches are used.
        • Aromas. This Russian bath is characterized not only by the wooden structure, but also by specific odors. To relax and calm the body use flavored oils from lavender, eucalyptus, and the scent of steamed birch broom will act pacifyingly on the person.
        Stoves for the bath
        Stoves for the bath
        Stoves for the bath

        Modern style

        Modern baths have large room sizes. Additionally, there are rooms for rest, shower, pool, veranda. The lounge is equipped with additional furniture (plasma TV, armchairs, sofa, table). Outdated brick stove is replaced by a portable metal structure.

        The walls of the steam room are lined with wood paneling, which should be located in an upright position. This results in less condensate accumulation in the crevices. The floor in a modern bath can be not only wooden, but also tiled. Modern image offers to install lighting fixtures anywhere, even along the edges of the shelves.

        A real manifestation of modernity is a large mirror in the steam room, the doors to the steam room are also made of heat-resistant glass.

        Stoves for the bath
        Stoves for the bath

        About why you need to choose a stove for a bath "Varvara", see the following video.

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