The benefits of earthworms

332-Benefit from earthworms
A question came from Michael “How are earthworms useful for a vegetable garden? How to increase their number on the site?

Earthworms are garden friends

The presence of worms in the soil indicates a good soil condition. Worms do what even agrotechnical techniques are incapable of. They reclaim and structure the soil by eating it. Where there are no worms, the harvest will be bad. Do not help even feeding and fertilizer. Worms love herbs.

The use of chemicals will lead to their death.

332-Benefit from earthworms

You can learn how to cook compost fertilizer in due form.

The benefits of earthworms (video)

How to make more worms

Feed the earth! All that remains of the table, do not throw away, and pour into the soil. Then just dig it. The main thing is to provide worms with nutrition. It is necessary to bring leaves from trees into the soil.

332-Benefit from earthworms

Consider a few more effective ways to attract useful "neighbors".

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  • To increase the number of worms in the garden will help liming the soil. You can try the following method: dig a hole in the garden, fill it with paper, leaves, kitchen waste, manure, humus. Run the worms there - pre-dig them somewhere and put them in a jar. Cover the hole with earth. In a month you will notice that the number of worms in the garden has increased significantly. After this, dig them again and scatter them all over the site.
  • Fallen leaves left for the winter give a good result. Under the snow, they begin to sing, and under them love worms huddle.
  • You can visit the specialized store of organic cultivation. They sell a lot of drugs that will help reproduce the worms.
  • When fertilizing with biohumus, the number of worms also increases.
  • If you can't breed the worms yourself, buy them. On sale you can find California earthworms, which were bred in artificial conditions. They are needed to create biohumus. Its use is comparable to the "vitamin cocktail" for plants. It not only improves the fertility of the soil, but also significantly increases the yield and is even capable of bringing radiation.
  • You can grow your own California red worms on your own. At the same time for the winter they will have to make a special room so that they do not freeze.

    California worms have animal status. This means that if you decide to sell them, you will have to obtain the appropriate permission from the quarantine service. The seller must give you the same permission if you decide to buy worms. Only in this way you will not be deceived and nematodes will not be sold.

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