Tension ceilings - from the origin and till the present time


The story of the suspended ceiling began in ancient times. Already in those times, in ancient Rome and Greece, when decorating ceilings, they used dyed silk, the color of which was in harmony and complemented the main interior of the room.

In those days, fabric paints had insufficient resistance to external factors, which led to a rapid fading of the fabric and sagging of the fabric. Therefore, dyeing fabrics and installing the ceiling had to be repeated quite often. In the countries of the East for decorating the ceiling used a similar technology. Only instead of silk fabric was used from cotton, which was previously soaked with a solution consisting of water and chalk. And the installation of the ceiling was carried out on a pre-mounted frame. When dried, the surface of the fabric was well stretched and fairly smooth. And with this technology there were drawbacks. Very soon, a crumbling of chalk occurred, which required the dismantling of the fabric and the repeated operations.

In some countries of the East, and now use this technology. The difference lies in the use of coloring matter, chalk replaced with acrylic paints. The twentieth century was marked by the discovery of polymers. And since progress concerns all spheres of human life, the technology of stretch ceilings from https://skydecor.com.ua/mnogourovnevye-natyazhnye- has moved to a new stage. Rubber, film and paint-and-lacquer coatings, plastic are polymeric materials that are based on high-molecular compounds. Thus, on the basis of polymers, a polyvinyl chloride film was created, which later began to be used for the manufacture of fabric stretch ceilings. High performance and technological characteristics of polyvinyl chloride film allow to produce and install stretch ceilings of various colors and textures, with a long service life. The technology, on which the canvas is currently produced and the suspended ceiling is installed, was developed by specialists of the French company Barrisol in the sixties of the twentieth century. Now the finishing of the premises with stretch ceilings is made not only at home, they are also widely used in offices, medical and trade institutions, etc. Has undergone changes and installation technology stretch ceilings. Currently, installation is carried out using special aluminum profiles and heated by hot air.

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