Scarlet mustang tomato

Every year, gardeners are faced with the question of what sort to choose for this year for planting, because it must be with good yields, large fruits, and most importantly - juicy. Scarlet Tomato Tomato - the kind of tomato that fits all characteristics.

113 Tomato Scarlet Mustang

Description of tomato Scarlet Mustang

Characteristic variety

Reproduction occurs by sowing seeds or seedlings. Moreover, many experienced gardeners recommend breeding such a variety only with the help of saplings, thus, there are more chances to get the maximum yield.

It is difficult to say that Scarlet Mustang tomato has a large percentage of yield. If you properly care for the bushes and maintain the optimum temperature, you can get a large percentage of yield, but there are periods that even with excellent care, the bushes do not give anything, 1-2 fruits. The variety was bred in the Russian Federation, in Siberia, in 2014 it was included in the official register for planting in open ground and in greenhouses.

Plant description

Description of the bush deserves attention. This type of bushes is powerful and will grow by 1, 9 m. There are not many leaves on the bush, the Scarlet Mustang tomato can sometimes look much less often than other tomato representatives.

The description says that the brushes of the variety are not very developed, on average, they have 5-8 fruits. The inflorescence is not complicated, begins after 6–9 leaves, and then occurs after 2. Leaves of dark green shade with a slightly pronounced edge. Strong rhizome with central development horizontally.

The bush must be tied up, since there can be more than 10 pieces on one branch. The branch does not stand up to this, so it must be constantly propped up.

Description of the fetus

Scarlet Mustang tomato is popular among gardeners, it has an interesting shape and excellent taste, which could surprise and conquer many specialists. Fruits have bright saturated red color. The structure is dense and large, one fruit weighs from 150 to 250 g. Inside is a juicy tomato with tender pulp. This type is suitable for both fresh use and for conservation. Experts say that the pulp is not suitable for juice.

All fruits are oblong and long, the shape strongly resembles a sausage with a slight ribbing. Fruits can reach 23 cm, the peel is smooth, in no case does not crack.

The fruits are three-chamber, a large percentage of dry substances, experts say. Fruits can be stored for a long time and do not lose their presentation during long-term transportation.


113 Tomato Scarlet Mustang

Fruits of this variety are well transported and stored for a long time.

The following positive characteristics of the Scarlet Mustang tomato are distinguished:

  • long lies;
  • easily transports;
  • ripens quickly;
  • tasty and fragrant;
  • unique shape.

The disadvantages include the fact that the variety produces the maximum yield, only under warm nailing conditions. For open soil it is practically not suitable and, if the summer was cold, then 65% of the fact that the yield of the Mustang will be small, and many fruits simply do not ripen to the end and will wither.

Growing rules

Tomato Scarlet Mustang can be planted for seedlings in early March and early April. Also need to prepare for planting seeds. It is necessary to soak in a special solution for about 30 minutes, and then transplant into any wet matter in order to take root.

Planting takes place in one large bowl or container no deeper than 1 cm, and between the plants stick to 1-2 cm. The container with the ground and seeds must be covered with a film so that the first shoots appear. Do not forget that it is necessary to cover the container with a film so that it is constantly wet inside. As soon as the first two leaves appear, the film must be immediately removed. One week before disembarking, you need to prepare a plant for this.

At the time of planting, all seedlings should be more than 20-30 cm. On an open ground, plant a plant at a distance of 55 cm. Constantly water and fertilize every week.


The plant's immune system can withstand all diseases, but it is still necessary to carry out prevention before planting. Use any medication convenient for you and lower for 20 minutes. Only after this transplant.


Mustang is a plant that is suitable for any territory and can withstand any temperature drops, the main thing - do not forget to water it every week. The description and characteristics say that tomatoes have a strong aroma, so they will be an excellent choice for every gardener.

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