Sauna stove gorynych 3

Sauna stove "Gorynych 3": advantages and disadvantages

Sauna stove
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The main attribute in the Russian bath is the stove. This large-sized machine creates the necessary temperature and humidity conditions in the room. Modern manufacturers offer a rich selection of furnaces in a different price range. Among the wide range stands out the sauna stove "Gorynych 3", which proved to be at a high level.

Sauna stove
Sauna stove

About the manufacturer

The Bashkir Thermosphere trademark has been offering products in the domestic market for more than four years. The company specializes in the manufacture of stoves for baths, fireplace doors, solid fuel boilers and heating equipment. The main office of the company is located in Ufa.

The model of the bathing furnace "Gorynych" is considered one of the most popular with the above brand. Since entering production, she has maintained leadership positions while remaining in demand. The furnace is equipped with a longitudinal combustion system. The company uses durable, thick-walled and reliable materials, due to which the products boast a long service life.

Particular attention is paid to the modernization of equipment and modern technology.

Sauna stove


Sauna stove "Gorynych 3" is designed for heating the steam room, as well as adjacent locations. In the process of heating is formed thick, high-quality steam, ideal for the steam room. The choice of buyers two versions of the model - with the tank on the right and left side. The model can be used only on the basis of baths with an individual washing compartment. Long service life provides a thick material. The thickness of the firebox has 8 millimeters. The volume of water tank - 100 liters.

After delivery of the goods should be stored in a closed form in a dry room until installation.

For high reliability, manufacturers used organosilicate enamel. During the first use, a polymerization process takes place, which gives the coating final strength.

Sauna stove
Sauna stove
Sauna stove


The model "Gorynych 3" has the following technical characteristics:

  • dimensions is 1000x775x920 mm;
  • weight - 200 kg;
  • Efficiency - from 80 to 90%;
  • the weight of the stones inside the furnace is 100 kg;
  • chimney diameter 150 mm with a minimum height of 4.5 m from the stove foundation;
  • the model is intended for double rooms and washing, which have from 8 to 18 m³.
Sauna stove
Sauna stove

The company gives a minimum guarantee of three years of service in conditions of intensive use. When using the oven twice a week, this period will be about 15 years. The furnace is made in a spherical shape. It plays an important role in the lifetime. The structure of the chimney is two knees that go around the heater, through which increases efficiency. Their total length is 0.9 meters. A cleaning hatch is located at the end of the chimney.

Due to the spacious and open heater inside, you can easily place a large amount of stones. They will maintain the required temperature in the bath for a long time.

An oxygen regulator is available under the door. In the grate is not necessary due to the system of longitudinal combustion.

Sauna stove
Sauna stove


"Gorynych 3" is mounted on a concrete base, prepared in advance. It is strictly forbidden to install the model on a sheet of metal for security purposes. Be sure to check the inclination of the furnace to the back board and the firebox with a building level. Minor deviation may be present. In the end, it is necessary to carefully cover the junction of the furnace with the concrete base, it is recommended to use a special fire-resistant composition.

Masonry can not be applied facing brick. This material is not sufficiently resistant to high temperatures and will quickly become unusable.

Experts recommend the use of solid red or yellow brick (it is not necessary to lay only brick for open fire).

The work should use a special heat-resistant composition.

Sauna stove
Sauna stove
Sauna stove
Sauna stove

To bring the oven into the room, the minimum width of the door should be 690 mm. It is necessary to transfer the design carefully and slowly, having developed its back wall to the floor.

Sauna stove
Sauna stove
Sauna stove
Sauna stove


To install the chimney must only highly skilled craftsmen with proper experience and skills. The diameter of this part of the construction is strictly forbidden to reduce, as well as draw up horizontal sections. And also it is impossible to use asbestos-cement pipes. If it is necessary to shift the chimney, the inclination of the pipe should be shifted by 45 degrees, however, not more than one meter.

Sauna stove
Sauna stove

First use

Due to the polymerization process a strong odor is formed. Upon completion, the heat-resistant coating will acquire maximum strength and reliability. The first time to heat the stove should be in a well-ventilated room, it is not necessary to heat it up much. The temperature can be increased with subsequent use. It is necessary to conduct a thorough inspection of the structures adjacent and the furnace, as well as the chimney. Assess the condition of wood cladding and other products.

The first use will show whether the equipment has been installed correctly.

Sauna stove
Sauna stove


The basic rules of operation and care are as follows:

  • firewood coniferous trees very quickly clog the chimney and stove;
  • worth using stuffed logs;
  • open the bottom of the oven 2 mm for greater efficiency;
  • when cleaning, remove the ashes almost completely, leaving only 3-5 cm for the thermal pad;
  • Melt the stove with an empty water tank;
  • in the frosty season, it is prohibited to leave water in the tank if the oven is not in use.
Sauna stove
Sauna stove


The furnace "Gorynych 3" has become popular in the modern market due to a number of positive qualities. The main advantage is the ratio of quality and cost. However, there are other advantages to choose from that should be noted, namely:

  • long service life. The real period is much longer than the warranty;
  • reliability and wear resistance due to durable materials;
  • fast heating;
Sauna stove
  • the furnace maintains the necessary conditions in the steam room for a long time;
  • ease of care and operation;
  • stylish design;
  • economical fuel consumption.
Sauna stove


Denoting the pros, you need to stay on the disadvantages of the acquisition. The Gorynych 3 furnace has large dimensions and weight, which is about 200 kg. This is indicative several times higher than that of most structures with longitudinal burning. Such dimensions complicate the installation and transportation process. Great weight is achieved not only due to the size of the structure, but also the thickness of the material. Durable and wear-resistant metal is essential for safe use and long service life.

Sauna stove


The images demonstrate the structure of the model "Gorynych 3" in two versions: a tank on the left and on the right.

Sauna stove


On the expanses of the worldwide network, you can find a lot of opinions about this product. Most of the buyers who purchased the Gorynych 3 stove were satisfied with their purchases. The furnace fulfilled all its obligations. Can not but rejoice at a bargain price. Some users noted that buying a ready-made stove from a Russian manufacturer is much more profitable than ordering an individual assembly.

Negative reviews are also available, although they are associated with the above-indicated drawbacks of the model: great weight and size. Before purchasing it is necessary to take into account the necessary minimum size of the bath.

Further you see the review of the bathing furnace "Gorynych 3".

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