Provence style furniture. table top

Provence style furniture. Table top
Furniture in Provence style, like any other furniture in country style, is primarily individual. Light colors and natural texture are the main differences by which you can find Provence furniture.

The origins of the popularity of furniture in the style of Provence

The origins of the popularity of rustic style - in simplicity, color, environmental friendliness. It is easy to guess that the Provence region is home to the eponymous region of France. The peculiarity of the nature of this place and the conditions of life left their mark on the style of Provence. It is characterized by elegance and simplicity of form, delicate pastel colors, natural materials.

In accordance with the traditions of the southern region of France, wooden furniture has always been painted with oil paints. It was the easiest and cheapest solution to hide the irregularities of the tree and give the furniture an aesthetic look. In addition, labor costs for wood finishing were excluded, which was especially important for villagers, since their main time was occupied by agriculture.

Over time, the paint darkened, cracked, and the furniture took on a look that is nowadays considered fashionable and to achieve which special technologies are used. Fans of Provence-style furniture primarily value in it the simplicity and comfort that it creates, as well as the reliability and environmental friendliness of the natural wood from which this furniture is made.

This trend of furniture fashion has gained wide popularity and has been pleasing style lovers for more than 30 years.

Nowadays, to give the furniture a charm, unique to the Provence style, special colorful compositions and artificial "aging" are used.

The uniqueness of the furniture is provided by thin carving, and finishing materials, and original furniture handles, and beautiful body lines, and curved backs.

The patterns on the furniture reflect the spirit of the countryside - wheat, flowers, fruits.

The characteristic colors of the furniture are those of the southern province of France, where there is a lot of sun, sea, rocks, lavender fields and olive groves. Read: How to clean pipes and drains? Cleaning clogged pipes

Therefore, in the color palette dominated by terracotta, yellow, blue, the color of sand, clay, lavender, olives, as well as milky and creamy shades.

Furniture for kitchen in Provence style

The table is the most important part of French cuisine. In the old days, rural peasants sat down to eat lunch together. In order to place 6 -12 workers at the table at once, the tables were made large enough.

Therefore, for the kitchen in Provence style, simple tables are characteristic. Tabletop and legs. You can buy a marble countertop. This is the eternal and accessible material.

The chairs in the kitchen are also wooden. To seat a large number of people, benches are used with tables.

For the storage of kitchen utensils, there is a carved cupboard or, as in the old days, a wooden trolley on wheels, on which you can bring food to the table.

Bedroom furniture in Provence style

The bedrooms in the style of Provence have a large bed. The backs are wooden, decorated with carvings or forged. Mandatory in the interior of the bedroom dresser, which can be used as a dressing table, small cabinets and tables with drawers.

Upholstered furniture in Provence style

As a rule, sofas, armchairs, chairs and benches with a wooden base, with carved legs, with soft seats and backs. Wooden armrests. Upholstery colors characteristic of this style are: yellow, blue, pale purple, gold, terracotta, cage, stripe and floral pattern. Mandatory pillows.

Children's furniture in Provence style

Charming furniture of delicate pastel colors is ideal for children's rooms. Firstly, it is made of natural material, secondly, it is individual. The kits for the nursery include low cabinets for storing clothes and toys, various nightstands in which you can store books and handicrafts, upholstered furniture, upholstered in natural material.

Provencal style has the peculiarity of creating a relaxed and calm atmosphere. In such interiors, security from the outside world with its frantic rhythm is felt, and simple but quite elegant Provence-style furniture plays a significant role in this.

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