Preparation of summer cottages for the new year holidays

369-Preparation of summer cottages for New Year
Preparing summer cottages for winter is a whole list of requirements that must be fulfilled in order to preserve buildings, soil and plants until the next warm season. But this is the standard work of the cottager, according to which we have repeatedly prepared materials and made valuable recommendations. Preparing summer cottages for the New Year holidays is something else. Here we have a minimum of manual labor and work that we don’t like. Although responsibility for the result is not less!

Today, the site has prepared interesting ideas for decorating the dacha for every reader. It may not be necessary for many, since winter holidays are celebrated at home, but we are sure that a considerable part of us will appear at the dacha these days to try the first winter skewer of the new year, breathe in fresh air and just visit our site. But there will also be those who will meet the New Year at the dacha, near the fragrant green Christmas tree, decorated with homemade original toys, with the crackling of logs in the fireplace, and in the company of best friends or from their families. In any case, this article will not disappear, and will be useful and informative for many!

369-Preparation of summer cottages for New Year

Artificial snow to give

It often happens that the snow in the winter just does not go, well, or it is not at that moment when you are going to celebrate the New Year at the cottage. But winter without snow, and even more so, such a holiday is a mess, and therefore we need to come up with something to replace the snow.

Just want to say that you can find snow substitutes for sale, and there is nothing difficult in it, especially when you have a PC and the Internet at hand. Just warn you that buying artificial snow is necessary in advance. This is not a product that can be sold at any time, but because sellers will not buy it from manufacturers a lot, and the snow can end even in online stores.

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But it does not matter, because artificial snow with your own hands is also possible. To do this, you only need to buy the cheapest foam, preferably an average density of about 25, and just stretch it into balls. Yes, the sounds will not be the most pleasant, but from just a few plates you will receive a small bag of artificial snow, which you can sprinkle on the porch, the floor in the house, throw a little material under the trees in the garden, along the suburban paths. Even if this is not enough, a certain mood will already be created.

369-Preparation of summer cottages for New Year

Snowman without snow

The first snow for each of us means a lot, because it raises the spirits and brings the holidays even closer. But also snow is associated with some entertainment. This is not a knockout of carpets on the first white floor, but snowballs and a snowman ride. It was he, a snowman, made of several large snow balls, and decorated with branches, embers and carrots, is a symbol of winter and makes every person smile. We also need a snowman during the New Year holidays, but what to do if we don’t have any problems with the snow? To cut out of polyfoam of the snowman very long, and it is inconvenient.

But there is another way - to make a snowman out of cotton. Not all of it will consist of soft white fibers, it is too expensive and long, but its coverage will be exactly like that.

The basis can take a wire structure. First, a few pieces of reinforcement for the production of the body, then three balls of steel or aluminum wire, and pasting the balls with plain paper, even old wallpaper. We will prompt immediately the way of pasting over the ball! The paper should be moistened with a solution of PVA glue and warm water, and simply applied to the desired shape. When it dries, it will already tightly clasp the balls.

After that, you just need to grease all the balls with the same glue, and glue the cotton wool on top of them in small pieces. The rest of the decorations are installed on an artificial snowman without problems.

369-Preparation of giving to New Year

Paper snowflakes to give

To prepare the holiday home for the celebration of the winter dates, we also suggest hanging paper snowflakes in rooms. And not only by the rooms, but also by the windows, where they will be visible even from the street.

Snowflakes do not have to be made from pure white paper, and color magazines, and even better old magazines that are full of colors and shades of advertising posters, are also suitable.

There are many ways to cut snowflakes out of paper, and we will not talk about each, because you yourself know at least a few of them. And this section of the article will be considered just a reminder that Christmas snowflakes are needed at the dacha!

Christmas toys to give

And again we are faced with a choice - to make Christmas toys with our own hands or to buy them in the store. Of course, there is a third option - just take Christmas decorations from home, but it’s not the best, because at home they need them no less!

Therefore, we choose what we will do and proceed. Telling you about shopping is not worth it, but about how and from what to make Christmas toys with your own hands, maybe.

  • The first thing we offer is Christmas tree toys for giving sweets. Ordinary candy cling to the Christmas tree and at the end of the holiday are removed and eaten. So to say, two pleasures in one, and still very economically;
  • Christmas decorations made of foam plastic look very nice. From this material, you can cut out any figure, which then paint or paste over with beads. But remember that a lot of what paint "eats" foam, so it is better to work as an artistic rather than the usual paints from the dacha garage;
  • Toys from beads and wires can also be a nice decoration for a dacha tree. They will not be voluminous, but very original. For example, you can string the beads on a wire, and then ask it the desired shape - the same Christmas tree, hare, heart, etc.;
  • Toys-gifts. Each of us has chests on the Christmas tree, such cubes in wrapping holiday paper with bright ribbons. But they are all purchased ... so why not make them yourself? To do this, you need to buy gift wrapping paper and tape in any flower shop, and use cardboard and glue for the form itself;
  • Very original look wire or cardboard forms, covered with a rope, colored thread, for example, even wool, for knitting sweaters and socks. Bright, inexpensive and will remain even next year;
  • The most simple decorations of paper, which are the cheapest. Cut out the same snowflakes, stars or geometric shapes and randomly hang them over the holiday tree.

You can come up with many more New Year's toys, which will remain at the dacha forever, but the end will be put with the purchase of serpentine, rain and several luminous garlands.

369-Preparation of giving to New Year

DIY Christmas Wreaths

These decorations are a little out of our traditions. They came to us from the West, where a wreath is one of the main decorations, and it surely welcomes all guests of the yard or house.

We can echo the traditions, as often happens, and therefore we offer to create something beautiful with our own hands. What is a Christmas wreath, which hangs on the gate and the door of the house? These are branches woven into a circle or other base elements that have contrasting colors. A wreath can be light or solid, and at the same time the rest of its decoration can be bright. Well, or vice versa, to avoid the monotony of colors.

We propose to weave a wreath of spruce or evergreen boxwood, to make a dense circle out of the branches, which is wound with red and golden ribbons. It is possible to decorate a wreath purely at own will, for example, with the same small boxes-gifts, bells, a luminous garland.

Christmas tree in the courtyard

If you are a happy owner of a Christmas tree or pine inside the dacha, somewhere near the gazebo or just the entrance to the house, we suggest you decorate it.

It may be the same toys that we recalled quite recently, but there may be simply glowing ribbons that will set the outline of a festive tree in the street.

369-Preparation of giving to New Year

Street illumination for the New Year

Several times we raised the topic of street lighting, talked about how to create decorative lighting for the garden and how to decorate the exterior of the house with the help of special accessories. And now, if you have not done this before, the time has come. Just along with the decoration of the Christmas tree on the street, it is possible to equip the facade of a country house, a gazebo, a cottage entrance, and trees in the garden with garlands and duralista. It will be very beautiful, especially, with the muffled main light of the villa on a festive night!

Festive spirit in the house

A lot plays a role in creating a good mood, and this is not only good food on the table and good friends behind it. This is also the setting that is created by so many components. And one of the ingredients is exactly the flavor. It is clear that everyone will smell herring or meatballs on the table, but they should be only light shades of the aroma of freshness that is in the whole house.

Often, such a fragrance is created by a holiday tree or pine, which fills every room with the smell of pine needles, as well as frosty air from the street. But if there is no Christmas tree in the house or it is artificial, you should place at least a few branches of these plants in each room. Well, or buy a special flavoring that will help correct the situation.

369-Preparation of giving to New Year

We decorate the cottage with drawings on glass

For holiday drawings, you can choose gouache or watercolor, and even toothpaste ... everything that you can paint will do. As for how the paint or paste is washed off the glass, you can not worry if the soap solution and sponge comes to the rescue.

It remains only to choose what to depict on the glass. But everything is very simple here - a New Year theme: snowmen, Santa Claus, symbolism of the coming year, snowflakes.

In addition, you can make and modeling on glass, for example, with the help of PVA glue and cotton wool. You will have a volumetric and even soft pattern that will resemble frost patterns every winter morning.

We have partially decorated the territory, country house, objects, and now we can only think of how to have fun at this moment. It is clear that the main entertainment is a feast, congratulations and toasts, but do not forget about physical exercises that will help you to warm up on holidays in the country. To do this, we recommend that you read an article that tells you the best games and entertainment in the country in the winter.

Christmas toys do it yourself (video)

What stock up, so that the holiday was a success

Holiday preparations are a constant bustle, in which each has its own place. Women cook, men carry tables and chop wood, kids ... well, kids just play and make noise. But in all this turmoil you need not forget that without which the holiday simply will not succeed, namely, good mood, congratulations, toasts, gifts and a sea of ​​smiles.

We wish you not to forget anything that will help to improve the quality of the holiday, and the most important thing is that you should think over the preparations for the New Year holidays so that everything goes according to plan and the event does not fail.

But, there is also a small list of not only emotional, but also substantive preparation, which we have compiled specifically for readers of

Sometimes the situation is not particularly favorable, and some moments can spoil the holiday. That is why we advise you:

  • Do not forget about clean drinking water, which in the country in the winter may not be. Soda and juice are one thing, but ordinary water is always needed!
  • Be sure to charge all mobile devices and take a few flashlights. Also, do not interfere with candles. If it suddenly happens that there are problems with electricity, you will always be ready for this situation;
  • It is very important not to forget about the fact that it provides preparations for the holiday - to take the furniture to the house in time, to heat the stove or the fireplace well, and for this to cut the wood. Further, we hope that you yourself will make a correct list of everything that needs to be done additionally.

Preparing a summer house for the New Year holidays is a good mood and waiting for fun, and therefore try to make sure that everything goes according to a deliberately written plan!

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