Plastic house for children in the country

240-plastic house for children
Children's houses made of plastic have existed for a very long time, but only recently have such designers become available on the market in a large assortment. 

Today finds out what a plastic house for children is, what advantages or disadvantages it has, and how much such a wonderful designer is interesting to the kids themselves. Let's explore the topic in more detail, because soon the children will be asked to install it on the dacha's playground.

240-plastic house for children

Advantages of plastic houses

  • First of all, it is worth noting that the cost of such a product is much lower than the price of the same tree house. It may differ at times;
  • The assembly takes about an hour, and most of the time is spent studying instructions and examining the details. The connection into one finished structure takes place in minutes;
  • The plastic house is made of details of a safe form. They are without sharp corners and are unable to injure the child. In addition, the plastic does not break, does not shatter into fragments, is very light, and therefore, even when self-disassembling the house, the child will not drop anything heavy on himself;
  • Most of these products are certified. The material is non-toxic and safe for the health of the baby completely. But this can be attributed only to quality products, and therefore try to pay attention to this item yourself, because there may be falsified products on the market;
  • It is also worth noting that this is a light product, very bright and pretty. Rather, even a fabulous house, than just a mini-copy of a residential adult home. And so it will be the best gift for the baby, and also the place where he can always be found behind his own "master's affairs." Here and another plus - the baby will not distract you from the country affairs;
  • The construction can always be assembled and disassembled, transferred to a house, taken with you to a city apartment, taken to the countryside, where you leave for the weekend.

There are many advantages, but you should definitely talk about the disadvantages.

240-plastic house for children

The disadvantages of plastic houses

  • The first and most significant drawback is the standard small size. That is, the children's facilities will last only a few years. Further, a child who is growing rapidly will have little space. Therefore, there are more advantages for other buildings that we built for children in the country;
  • The house is very light, and therefore a smart child can fill him up even from the inside. We all understand what our children are capable of, and therefore every reader will immediately remember the pranks of his little hero. It is recommended to fasten the structure;
  • It should be very careful about the quality of the product, because not all products are made of high quality materials. Check the accompanying documents to avoid buying a scrap or toxic material.

In principle, there are not so many shortcomings, and therefore it makes sense to think about such a purchase for a playground in the country.

240-plastic house for children

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Plastic house with their own hands

Compete with bright colors or uniform materials presented in children's stores or on the market is quite difficult. But we still try to make a children's house of plastic on our own, because it’s not so difficult.

Why can we come to such a decision? It's simple, because the house should be big. If a child is 4-5 years old, then at 7-8 he may express a desire to play in such a children's structure. But here the problem arises that he alone in him can be uncomfortable, and if we talk about several friends with whom he plays, even more so.

240-plastic house for children

The choice of space for the design

Plastic house, installed in the country, should be located in such a way that it was constantly visible. Best of all, in the garden, in front of the house, on the lawn under the trees. So the child will always be supervised, and will be in the shade, but in a well-warmed place without drafts.

Try to choose a place to install, so that you don’t have to break your child’s favorite toy in the future. It often happens that we are demolishing something in the dacha area due to the fact that there will now be a well, a garden path, a gazebo, or just a drive out of the garage. Calculate everything in advance, and build a house in general in the garden, under trees that you are not exactly going to uproot anytime soon.

240-plastic house for children

Materials for work

In fact, a plastic house - just the name! We will use several other materials, at least, more familiar to summer residents. There is simply no way to pour the plastic out of the wall, exactly the same as commercially available - rounded, bright, with openings. Therefore, we will build from polycarbonate, which we will stretch on a wooden or steel frame. It will be no worse, believe me, and the brightness can always be added with an additional decor.

240-plastic house for children

In theory, from the materials only polycarbonate, timber and board. Well, or metal for the frame, if you decide to make the base as such.

House for children in the country with their own hands (video)

Frame installation 

No foundation is required. This is such a light construction that two people can easily lift it and move it a couple of meters to the side, if necessary. But simplicity and lightness are a certain problem, because the wind or even strong pressure can move a house from its place. We definitely do not need this, and therefore, when setting up the frame, we will fix it.

240-plastic house for children

We decided to use metal, since it is easier to work with it in a certain case. So, we take several steel pipes, say, only 3-4, bend them along one radius, and set them parallel to each other. It is possible to bend pipes in different ways - by folk methods, with the help of plugs and sand, or by more modern tools and equipment - with a pipe bender, welding, and so on. In general, when everything is ready, we should have a semicircle structure, like a frame for a garage-shell or for a greenhouse.

Now the pipes installed parallel to the ground are driven more strongly into the ground, and we set them exactly vertically, but so that they give the same geometric figure with respect to the ground. Thus, having obtained 3-4 semicircles of equal distance from the earth, we simply weld them with several ribs in a run-in.

All frame ready. It remains only to sheathe it, thereby forming the walls and ceiling.

240-plastic house for children

Covering a plastic house for children

There are no difficulties, because we have repeatedly worked with polycarbonate. Remember only the visors at the cottage, awnings, greenhouses and even polycarbonate gates.

Having chosen the material of necessary strength and color, stretch it along the frame, successively fixing it. Thus, you can get the ceiling, it remains only to make two walls, in front and behind. Behind the blank wall, which is very easy to install on the same frame, well, with a maximum of two additional supports. The front wall is a bit more complicated, because here we need to install doors and windows.

On this occasion, it is worth talking separately! So, the doors and windows on the front of the plastic house. We propose to move a little away from the standard, and install regular openings instead of windows, with protection on polycarbonate cuts. Instead of doors, there is an ordinary curtain, for example, the same polyester or fabric. All this is necessary in order not to weigh down the structure, but also because of the need to circulate fresh air inside the building. Since all the windows and doors are located on the same side of the building, there will be no drafts inside, but fresh air is enough.

240-plastic house for children

Home decor

In fact, we get the same hut for children, inside of which you have to do everything exactly as your child likes. Table and chairs for tea parties, a small bed for relaxing or a couple of ottomans, toys, blankets, bedspreads and so on. Make it all brighter to get the baby’s attention.

At the beginning of the construction we mentioned a wooden bar and plank, but did not use them in the description. You can always make a good floor with these materials so that the child does not play on the damp ground. If a house is built on a lawn, or a lot of pillows, blankets and mattresses are moved to it, this part may be optional. Still, it is better if there is a wooden ventilated floor inside such a structure, located at least a few centimeters from the ground. Anyway, less risk!

As you can see, if you can not get a house for the child in the store, then we can build it yourself. But the final choice is yours only, and therefore you can share your impressions on the article and decisions on the construction in the comments. It will be interesting to us to get acquainted with them.

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