Pepper madonna

Sweet pepper is an especially popular vegetable gardener. The role in the choice of varieties is played not only by the presentation and taste, but also by the yield indicators. That is why many people prefer such hybrid varieties as Madonna pepper category f1.

354-Pepper Madonna

Description of pepper Madonna

Characteristic variety

Pepper Madonna is a hybrid category f1. It was launched in 2007 in France.

In 2008, this species received official permission to enter the State Register of the Russian Federation. According to the description, the species is suitable for cultivation in the northern part of the country and in the Caucasus.

Bulgarian Madonna Pepper category f1 refers to early cultures. From the moment of appearance of the first shoots to technical maturity, about 60 days pass. On the 40th day after the formation of the ovaries, biological ripeness begins.

Description of the bush

The main stem and root system are developed powerfully. According to the description, the height of the bush in the open field is about 70 cm. If you grow a culture in a greenhouse, the height of the bush can reach 100 cm.

There is a small distance between the nodes. The foliage abundantly covers the bush, which significantly reduces the risk of the plant getting sunburn. The leaves are medium sized, dark green.

Description of the fetus

Pepper Madonna f1 is heart-shaped. The end of the fruit is slightly elongated. In the period of technical ripeness, pepper is a delicate beige shade, and in the period of biological one it acquires a rich red color.

The thickness of the walls of the Madonna pepper is 0.7 cm. The length of the fruit is about 14 cm, and the width is 6 cm. The weight of the ripened fruit is 250 g. The yield data is 350 kg per 1 ha. Fruits contain many beneficial substances:

  • the amount of sugar is 8% per 100 g;
  • vitamins of group C - 4% per 100 g;
  • B vitamins - 7% per 100 g;
  • carotene - 86 mg per 100 g

Taste is saturated, sweet. There is no bitterness or acid in the fruit. The grade is universal in application.

Growing seedlings

The main feature of the hybrid pepper Madonna is that the seeds do not need disinfection or treatment with growth stimulants. The company supplying seeds to the market in advance holds all the preparatory activities.

The term of seed germination varies significantly, depending on the temperature. So, if the temperature of the soil in containers is 15-17 ° C, then within 20 days the first shoots will appear. When the temperature of the soil at 27 ° C shoots appear in the second week after planting seeds. Experts recommend planting seeds in separate containers, because:

  • This contributes to the rapid growth and proper formation of the stem;
  • transplanting seedlings will be easier, because in this case it is difficult to break the root system, the planting depth of seeds should be about 2 cm.

To seedlings quickly ascended, regulate the temperature in the room. At night, it should be 20-22 ° C, and at daytime - 25 ° C. A deviation of 3 ° C slows growth by about 2 days. Lighting time should be 12 hours. If natural light is not enough, you need to use special lamps.

On the 55th day after planting, 6 pairs of leaves and the first buds should form on the plant. The central bud must be removed, because it inhibits the formation of others.


354-Pepper Madonna

We land in warm soil

The Madonna pepper is planted only after the seedlings reach the age of 60 days. The soil for planting is heated to a temperature of 15 ° C.

In greenhouse conditions, planting is carried out according to the following scheme: the distance between rows is 50-70 cm, between bushes - 45 cm. In open ground, 1 square meter. m planted no more than 3 plants.


Pepper Madonna f1 needs quality care. In the first place for planting choose lighted places, because this culture requires constant light. Watering is carried out only with warm water (temperature - 25-30 ° C). Experts recommend using only drip irrigation systems. At the time of growth of the bush soil moisture should be 80%. During the formation of the fruit it is increased to 90%.

Immediately after planting seedlings spend mulching. This allows moisture to remain in the soil and prevents the appearance of a crust on the surface of the earth. Also, mulch reduces weed growth.

Since the fruits are characterized by a rather large weight, the bushes are tied up so that they do not break. It is important to remember about the formation of the bush. It is best to leave no more than 2 trunks: this will allow the fruit to grow better in growth.

The first dressing is carried out a week after planting seedlings. Just at this point, it is able to take root in the ground. The following feeding is carried out with an interval of 14 days. Preference is given to minerals (phosphorus, potassium and iron) with a high content of micro and macro elements. All fertilizers are diluted with warm water according to the instructions on the package and pour at least 1 liter under each plant.

Diseases and pests

Sweet pepper Madonna has an excellent immune system. It does not suffer from mildew, tobacco mosaic, or anthracnose, but it can be affected by top rot. To eliminate it, it is recommended to feed potassium nitrate.

When the first signs of aphids appear, spray the bush with copper-containing preparations (Arax, Oxych or Confidor). In the fight against spider mites, a solution of garlic or wood ash is used. Spraying is carried out once a week until complete destruction of the parasites. From the Colorado potato beetle get rid of by spraying insecticidal preparations Confidor or Regent.

Sweet pepper Madonna F1 in a greenhouse in Transcarpathia - June 2016. Growing a hybrid of sweet pepper. Madonna F1 - Madonna F1 in a greenhouse (05/30/2016) Experience of growing sweet pepper Madonna F1 We pack Madonna pepper for sale on the wholesale vegetable market.


The main advantages of Madonna pepper are high yields and unpretentiousness in care, so even beginners in the field of agriculture can be engaged in its cultivation. If you follow all the rules of cultivation, you can harvest a high quality crop.

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