Midges on tomatoes

If there are midges on tomatoes, then you need to save the plant. Flies can be black or white. Whiteflies are the most common. Black midges on tomato seedlings are a kind of aphids.

135 midge on tomatoes

The danger of the appearance of blackflies on tomatoes

How to determine whitefly

The size of the whitefly is about 3 mm, so these pests are not immediately noticeable. But you can find traces of their activity - a white coating on the leaves, more precisely, on their inner side. On the upper part of the sheet feces less, they are covered with a whitish film. After a while, such a raid more and more turns white, and then darkens sharply. A black fungus appears that infects tomatoes.

What harm from white midges? Tomatoes that have been attacked by whitefly are very different from healthy plants. Leaves curl and turn yellow. Fruits ripen unevenly, and when they are cut, white formations can be detected.

Adults and larvae feed on the sap of the plant, when they dehydrate it, a secondary infection joins - a black fungus. As a result, tomato plants lose the necessary nutrients, and sooty fungal infection violates leaf assimilation. Blackened dehydrated leaves dry over time. In the absence of treatment of this disease in plants or insufficient application of measures, the formation of fruits slows down. Whitefly attacks suffer not only tomatoes, but also other vegetables.

135 midge on tomatoes

White fly

What preventive measures will help against white midges on tomatoes? In order for whiteflies not to settle on culture, it is necessary to carry out preventive measures. When planting tomato seedlings in open ground, it must be distributed so that the distance between the plants is more than 40 cm. The place must be open so that the wind blows it well. But where there are drafts, planting tomatoes is not worth it. Watering tomatoes should be moderate, not flooding the soil.

Ways to get rid of the whitefly

The most popular methods of dealing with white midges are:

  • Fumigation in the greenhouse. This procedure is carried out 2 times a year. Before planting the plants should be fumigated with sulfur candles. There are also checkers with permitted insecticides. They can fumigate and the plants themselves, while killing both adults and larvae.
  • The use of chemicals. Use them only after you read the instructions to the drug. Currently, there are chemicals such as "Pegasus", "Fufanon", "Konfidor" and others.
  • Biological preparations.
  • Folk methods of fighting insects. So, a short-term lowering of the temperature in the greenhouse, hanging glue traps that are used for catching flies. With a small number of whiteflies, spraying of plants with infusion of yarrow, solutions of soap and pepper, garlic tincture will be effective.
  • 135 midge on tomatoes

    Fumigating a greenhouse to fight whitefly

    Harm of black flies for tomatoes

    Everyone knows about the dangers of aphids. Black midges on tomatoes are a kind of aphids. They live mainly on the leaves of the plant, on their inner side. Black midges reproduce very quickly, feed on the plant, sucking its juice.

    After one tomato bush dies, the black aphid moves to another crop, and so on until the entire crop is gone.

    Without effective control measures, the black midge can kill a whole row of tomatoes in 12-14 days, leaving you without a crop. To avoid this, plant tomatoes, alternating them with plants that do not like aphids. For example, onions, garlic, calendula, fragrant plants.

    Types of fight against black midges

    If there are few flies, you can destroy them yourself, without using chemicals. They are cleaned in this case by hand or with a stream of water. If there are many pests, then it is necessary to apply other methods of their destruction.

    135 midge on tomatoes

    Planting onions next to tomatoes to protect against blackflies

    Prepare a solution of liquid soap, oil and garlic. So, take 2 tsp. soap, 1 liter of water, 10 cloves of garlic, 4 tsp. vegetable oil. Such a composition is sprayed with a tomato bush. Oddly enough, but the leaves of tomatoes help to get rid of black flies. Prepare 4 cups of sliced ​​tomato leaves and cover them with 4 cups of water. The tool should stand for 12 hours. After that, spray the diseased plant with this composition every day or every other day. The best time of day for processing tomatoes is evening.

    The problem can be prevented, since it is known that the black midge does not like onions and garlic, so plant these crops next to the tomatoes. Also, the enemies of black midges are wasps, hoverflies, ladybugs, gold-eyed.

    How to deal with aphids (video)

    There are other pests that are less common on tomatoes, for example, the harm from mining flies is also high for the plant, but it is rarely put on tomatoes. To finally get rid of parasites that destroy plants, it is necessary to know the life cycle of the pest and its characteristic features, so you can choose the most effective means.

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