Metal tile. dignity.

Metal tile. Dignity.

The material is based on a profiled steel sheet from, manufactured using hot-dip galvanizing technology. It is considered an eco-friendly material. Due to its versatility, it is suitable for any type of roof, but given the fact that the roof slope will be a slope of at least 14 degrees.

To increase the resistance of the material to corrosion, new technologies are being developed to create different variations of new alloys in all possible proportions and combinations. One side of the sheet is treated with a protective dye composition, and the outer one with various polymers. Consider them:

Acryl. Comparatively low quality, quickly loses color and is easily damaged.

Polyester. Glossy covering, economic option.

Matt polyester. Matt gives resistance to fast fading, as well as to minor damage.

Plastisol Resistant to mechanical damage, quite durable and much thicker. At high temperatures it loses its color, therefore it is not recommended to use it in the southern regions.

PURALSA based on polyurethane. Suitable for any regions, as it has increased wear resistance.

Polydifluoride In the composition of polyvinyl fluoride and acryl, the main difference is self-breaking, it can withstand any climate and retains its color perfectly.

Main advantages:

1. Lightweight. 1 sq.m. has a weight of about 5 kg.

2. Easy installation. Experienced roofers make laying a standard roof for 1 day.

3. Budget. Since the material itself is not expensive, and installation complexity, you can significantly save.

4. Lifetime. They give a high guarantee on metal tile, it will serve you for more than 30 years.

5. Aesthetic look. A variety of colors and textures allows you to translate design ideas.

We can safely say that the metal tile today has won the trust of both professionals in the construction industry and private developers. And the ratio of quality and price will not make you think long.

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