Masking of tomatoes in the greenhouse

110-grazing tomatoes in a greenhouse

Pasynovka tomatoes in greenhouses is a process in which all excess vegetation is removed from the bush

The grazing of tomatoes grown in the greenhouse is an integral part of care. There is a definite scheme for the implementation of this procedure, which interests many gardeners - both beginners and those who already have little experience.

The grazing of tomatoes in greenhouses is a process by which all excess vegetation is removed from a bush. Perform it to ensure that the bush does not expend nutrients on the development of unnecessary processes. After removing the excess shoots of the substance will go entirely into the remaining leaves and fruits.

When you need to clean the stepchildren

Each gardener has his own strawing scheme, but there are many common points that must be observed. Thus, the removal of the stepsons should be carried out until their length exceeds 3-4 cm. If it grew longer, the removal leaves wounds on the stem, which heal for a long time and may not affect fructification in the best way, and the nutrients anyway will be spent.

Whether to remove the stepson, who has grown a great length, will have to decide on their own. But it should be borne in mind that when leaving the shoots, the plants will continue to develop, branches will grow out of the sinuses, on which stalks will also appear. Harvest because of this can be seriously hurt. Depending on the variety and growing conditions, tomatoes can grow smaller than expected, or in smaller quantities.

110-grazing tomatoes in a greenhouse

When the first tomatoes appear, the greens grow much less

When the first tomatoes appear, the greens grow much less. But while the fruits are poured, they have time to form new ones. The plant now distributes the nutrients among all, and there are not too many of them left, if before it was necessary to grow unnecessary greens.

As for the number of tomatoes, it may not be so small, but they will all be small, and they will have to wait long for their ripening.

Until what time can be staving

The deadline for stepson tomatoes can be called the first of August. Experienced gardeners are trying to leave on the bushes only those of the tomatoes that managed to start up before that date. Many believe that with a later appearance, the fruits and inflorescences will take their food from the previously formed fruits, which could quickly increase in size and pour juice. The owners of the greenhouse at the same time risk being left without a usable crop.

Pasynkovaya scheme

The following scheme can be used: on August 1 or a day later, the final pasynkovanie tomato in the greenhouse, removing all the emerging shoots. Above the fruit, which had time to tangle, leave 2-3 leaves, and on the productive stems it is necessary to pinch the growing point. Do not regret tearing off only the appeared inflorescences - this will help you to save the strength of the plants, which will be directed to larger fruits. If you do not know how to properly stepchild tomatoes, it is recommended to watch a video on the topic.

110-grazing tomatoes in a greenhouse
You can choose another way in order to properly pinch tomatoes in the greenhouse. Remove excess vegetation in a timely manner, once every 5-10 days. The following rule can be applied: when forming tomato bushes in 3 shoots, leave the main stem and 2 stepsons from the bottom, for the bush in 2 stems, leave the main shoot and the one that grew from below, under the first inflorescence when growing tomatoes in 1 stem, only the main one remains.

Try to learn how to determine how much to leave the stems. You can carefully watch the video, which shows exactly how to do it. Or focus on the variety planted in the greenhouse plants. For example, to get a crop early, choose undersized varieties, where it is recommended to leave 1-2 stalks. The fruits of tomatoes will be laid on the first 3-5 inflorescences. It is necessary to wait, when on each of shoots 3 inflorescences are put. Forming a bush of 3 shoots, you can also get a good harvest, but later than on the same bush in 1 stalk.

How exactly to carry out the procedure of pinching

110-grazing tomatoes in a greenhouse

Tomato Topping

Before stepping tomatoes, you should be familiar with the tasks of this procedure. It is carried out to increase the time of fruiting crops and obtain a rich harvest from a small area. Carefully select the varieties that will help solve the original problem. For example, deterministic varieties should be chosen to obtain fruits in a short time.

If the temperature conditions of the region allow, you can grow tomatoes in greenhouse conditions for 4-5 months. Varieties are recommended to choose indeterminate, semi-determinant.

It is desirable to leave the main stem and another one over the first inflorescence when processing such varieties of plants. When several inflorescences and new leaves appear on it, it is necessary to pinch a growth point from above. This is done because of the characteristics of the development of varieties. When growing them for a long time without stepchildren, they stop developing. Therefore, there must be one stem for reserve. If the additional escape develops well, the backup can be removed.

Masking tomatoes in the greenhouse should be done a little more often than for growing in open ground.

When the formation of a tomato occurs on high or medium branches, there is no point in escaping a reserve. When the inflorescence appears on it, the development of the plant does not stop. Tomatoes of small stature for the greenhouse are convenient in their own way - they produce more fruit and ripen quickly.

Pasynka tomatoes in the greenhouse (video)

When growing tomatoes in greenhouse conditions, this is most often the case: the smaller they are inside the shelter, the smaller the inflorescences on the central stem. Such bushes can be planted thicker than usual.

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