Led spotlight

LED Spotlight

LED light sources are used everywhere today. So in the home use a variety of LED strips, lamps, as well as in the design of street objects, and in the production of a searchlight with a motion sensor. But one way or another, such a widespread use makes it possible to understand that this lighting equipment has a lot of advantages in itself, the main thing is to choose the right LED equipment for one purpose or another. In this case, the durability of its work and its quality will certainly lie at the highest level.

When choosing one or another LED light source, you need to know and understand what characteristics it has. In turn, the characteristics themselves, according to which the choice of LED equipment is carried out, are many and their main number can be attributed: supply voltage, which can be both variable, equal to 220 or 380 V, and constant, equal to 5, 12, 24 V. The choice of one or another voltage in this case depends on the voltage that will be available for permanent use; power consumption, that is, the amount of electricity that will be consumed during the operation of this equipment.

LED Spotlight

In most cases, it is for these light sources that less attention is paid to this indicator, since this value is the minimum possible; light intensity, that is, the amount of light energy that a light source emits per unit of time; illuminance, that is, the ratio of the amount of luminous flux that falls on a specific surface area to its area; security class This indicator is one of the most important at that moment when the choice of the light source is not for the interior of apartments or houses, but for example, for premises of production workshops or street territories. In this case, if the negative factors of its environment constantly act on the light source, it is necessary to choose a high degree of protection.

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