Landscape design


Gardeners go to their plots every spring season. After the winter period, it is always necessary to put in order the dacha or garden area. But we must remember that it is possible to decorate the site, and the transformation process can take as many weeks, months, and years. It all depends on the financial possibilities. Someone is engaged in landscape design gradually, each year adding some elements to the design, but you can do everything at once, that is, within one season.

The main thing that people pay attention to is the vegetation on the site, including flowers in flowerbeds, which need to be planted in a specific order, taking into account the size and color shades. Flowerbeds can be of different shapes, but usually they are round flowerbeds. The border at the flower beds should be made of brick or paving slabs, but other durable materials can be used, because the main thing is that it should be beautiful and protect the beds from external influence.

Paths also play a significant role in each garden. Usually they are made from paving slabs, but you can also use brick or gravel. You need to understand that the tracks must be smooth and durable. After all, if you do not comply with tile laying technology, for example, then due to weather conditions, “waves” and other deformations of the track can go.

The important point is the lighting. Typically, for garden plots use special decorative lights, which are sold in the lighting departments of large shopping centers. Of course, that everything was of high quality, it is better to call a professional electrician who will conduct an electrical cable and connect everything. It is enough in the area of ​​5-7 lanterns, which should be in the most necessary places (along the tracks, at the gazebo, near the porch).

Garden figures are one of the attributes of beautiful landscape design. You can buy them in stores for gardeners, and you can show imagination and make of scrap materials. It all depends on the financial possibilities, but the purchased figures look more beautiful. Read: Textiles. Warm and cozy soft pillows, blankets and bedspreads

Arbor is another element of convenience and beauty at any cottage. You can make a gazebo on your own, but it is better to order from professional carpenters, although it is more expensive. It is very comfortable to spend time in the gazebo, playing board games or reading a book.

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