Is it possible to give nettle to rabbits

Everyone knows about the benefits of nettles, but, daring to get rabbits, a person reasonably wonders whether it is possible to give nettle to rabbits. If so, in what form and how much?

237-Can I give nettle to rabbits

Is nettle useful for rabbits?

It is clear that juicy greens are the basis of the summer ration of pets, but anyone who breeds eared ones understands their responsibility.

Allow or deny

Fluffy animals are the most popular animals for breeding. They are easy to maintain and unpretentious. However, the health of the Fuzzies depends on the right food. Do rabbits eat nettles and is it dangerous for them? Is it possible to really nettle rabbits?

Vitamins and minerals in abundance are contained in various herbs that need to be fed to rabbits. From the first month of life, babies are given nettle along with the rest of the green mass, due to the fact that it solves frequently arising problems with digestion.

237-Can I give nettle to rabbits

Nettle contributes to the growth and development of rabbits

The burning plant is very pleasant to the animals, and it also contributes well to their growth and development. The protein contained in it helps build mass.

Rabbits with pleasure absorb both fresh and dry nettles, while some breeders make it the basis of the diet. Is it possible to really feed nettle rabbits? Yes you can!

Allowable rate

Wild grasses are not only useful for animals, but also provide benefits for the owners, so rabbit can and should be given nettle. Pets grow faster, and their meat and fur from it only get better. In addition, nettle for rabbits has an undeniable health benefit. The main advantages of such food are:

  • high content of substances useful for the organism of animals;
  • high antibacterial properties;
  • improved lactation in females;
  • blood recovery;
  • promoting quality food digestion;
  • Accelerating growth and weight gain.

Nevertheless, certain restrictions must be observed, a treat can be given strictly according to the scheme.

Also, nettles need to be washed and scalded with boiling water before feeding it to pets: this will save the plant from its stinginess. Before you give the plant in food, it must be dried, otherwise you will not avoid indigestion. One shredded branch per day is quite enough for an adult animal, it can be mixed with other grass. For young stock, it is advisable to prepare this valuable plant for the winter. Drying nettles is also not recommended.

Nettle for rabbits should be combined with solid types of feed and each time to make different mixtures, which perfectly diversifies nutrition. It is also necessary to remember about the branches of trees, which not only bring a lot of useful animal into the body, but also help sharpen his teeth and prevent the formation of tartar.

Procurement process

Not everything is as simple with nettles as it seems. Benefit will bring only clean, growing away from the road and plants, as well as properly collected grass. How to collect? If we are talking about the shoots of a plant, then its preparation is carried out until the moment of flowering. You can also dry the leaves and stems, but not flowers.

Forest nettle is the most suitable variety for drying on dry food, as it has many beneficial properties. It is easy to grow it yourself in the garden. Almost none of the animals use deaf nettle, but for rabbits it is harmless, but only in a dry form: it cannot be given fresh.

237-Can I give nettle to rabbits

Forest nettle is best for rabbits.

It is advisable to gather grass in the second half of the day, when there are no dew drops on it and in no case give wet, otherwise the rabbit can get sick. When harvesting, you must be careful and cautious, because there is a risk of accidentally disrupting dangerous celandine or spurge.

It is necessary to harvest the plant from June to July, evenly drying, for this, laying out a thin layer. It is in the summer that the grass has the maximum concentration of useful substances. Already prepared plant must be neatly folded in boxes or boxes.

Dry leaves crumble very much, literally crumbling to dust. Each time you need to get as much as you need, and the rest is stored in tightly closed containers. It is possible to give nettle to rabbits all year round, therefore, the longer it is enough for it, the better the nutrition of the animals will be in a difficult cold period. This means that rabbits will continue to grow rapidly, despite the adverse environmental conditions.

When to start giving

Previously, any other greens nettle appears, which will replenish the reserves of vitamins in the body of rabbits after long colds. They are happy to eat it, the main thing - to cook the plant according to the rules. It is necessary to pick a plant, cut it, and then pour it with hot water. The last stage is to dry your pets with wholesome food. Just remember that burning grass in boiling water should be kept until it softens. When this happens, it should be mixed with boiled potatoes or other food.

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Nettle for rabbits should be introduced into the diet gradually, at first enough 3 times a week and a little at a time. Having lost the habitat for a long winter, the body should get used to a new food for it. Otherwise, they, of course, will eat as much as they are supposed to, but this will end with diarrhea and flatulence, due to the fact that the rabbits' intestines are weak by nature.

So, is it really possible for rabbits to nettle? It is possible, but only by adhering to certain rules. In addition, the ration should be thought out so that it is diverse and useful, regardless of the time of year.

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