Hybrid tea roses

137 Hybrid Tea Roses
Hybrid tea roses - very popular flowers with a luxurious form of buds and hundreds of petals. The colors of roses are the most diverse, they are resistant to diseases and frosts, able to ennoble any garden plot.

Popular varieties

Over 200 varieties of these gorgeous rose bushes are bred by breeders. The buds bloom from June until autumn, reach a height of up to 140 cm. By the number of petals, it reaches 80. Roses are the most diverse in color: white, pink, purple, red, tea, yellow, burgundy.

137 Hybrid Tea Roses

 The following are considered popular varieties:

  • Ankluother with bright red flowers up to 12 cm, in size in height up to 140 cm, with large leaves and a faint pleasant aroma;
  • Dame de Kerr with dark cherry buds in the shape of a bowl 10-12 cm in diameter, up to 100 cm in height, frost-resistant and fragrant;
  • Amerikprayd with dark red flowers with the shape of inflorescences in the form of a glass in diameter up to 15 cm, stems up to 80 cm in height (they have a pleasant faint aroma, differ in abundant and prolonged flowering);
  • Elina with large bright orange buds and a delicate aroma, stems in height up to 120 cm;
  • Madonna with dark red flowers in height of stems up to 150 cm, almost no smell;
  • Black Magic with black and red flowers up to 9 cm in diameter;
  • Passed with white buds up to 10 cm in diameter, stems up to 90 cm in height;
  • Nostalgia with red-white buds, emit a strong aroma, are not afraid of frost and disease;
  • Brilliant with orange-red buds, the variety is quite hardy, it is not afraid of frosts.

137 Hybrid Tea Roses

The most favorite of gardeners are roses, the varieties of which are as follows:

  • Maria Kalas with pink flowers of rich color;
  • Gloria dei with yellow buds;
  • Oklahama with dark, tea-colored flowers;
  • Folklore with cream-colored buds.

Specific varieties

Modern varieties of tea and hybrid roses do not require special and careful care, resistant to weather and disease.

Low-growing varieties can grow in indoor conditions. In practice, for winter forcing roses are planted in greenhouses, greenhouses. When flowering roses have a sweetish, rich smell, the aroma of bright shades is more pronounced.

137 Hybrid Tea Roses

Rose petals are useful and healing. Despite the bitter taste, they contain high doses of the following substances:

  • pectin;
  • organic acids;
  • essential oils;
  • vitamins;
  • antiseptic substances.

From the leaves they prepare medicinal broths, teas, jellies, wine, lotions and even jam.

How to plant and care

But still care for roses is necessary. For those who have hybrid tea in the garden, planting and grooming are not difficult, if you follow the basic rules for planting and watering, timely feed, fertilize, trim and fight pests.

Roses are planted in spring or autumn. In the spring, it is enough to warm up the soil for planting, to deepen the roots up to 15 cm. Water the plants at least once a week, on hot days more often. Soil moistening should be at least 8 cm deep. In order to avoid diseases and attacks of pests try not to pour water on the flowers, leaves and stems.

137 Hybrid Tea Roses

For the formation of a proper and strong shrub, pruned roses are cut in spring, cutting off the tops of the shoots and leaving up to 3 buds on each shrub. Weak shoots are best removed, leaving a couple of buds on the same bush. The main pruning is in spring, if necessary, when the bushes grow, the procedure can be repeated.

Roses and fertilizers

Organics for roses - the preservation of health. Substances secreted by bacteria and chemical elements are well absorbed by plants and are contained in slurry. Fertilizer should be applied 2-4 times a month depending on the composition of the soil. Do not be afraid to overpower the soil, roses are responsive to organic fertilizers.

137 Hybrid Tea Roses

To prepare slurry do the following:

  • pour a mullein with water in the ratio of 1x3;
  • add 15 g per bucket of water superphosphate, potassium sulfate;
  • soak the mixture in a barrel for 12 days;
  • dilute the concentrated composition with water (1x10);
  • fertilize the grooves around the circumference of the bushes, departing from the roots about 25-30 cm;
  • after absorbing the mullein into the soil, fill the grooves with sand, peat, above - with earth;
  • after 1-2 days it is good to loosen the soil.

Growing roses (video)

Pests and diseases

The following pests can appear even on strong bushes:

  • beetles, caterpillars, aphid (you need to spray with mospilanom, acrofit, konfidor maxi);
  • powdery mildew, sprayed bushes Bordeaux mixture, balayton (0.2%), topaz (1%);
  • black softness, spraying is carried out with topaz (0.1%), gray 1%;
  • an infectious burn, foundation spraying (0.2%), copper oxychloride (0.4%) will be suitable for spraying;
  • rust, passing on to roses by spores from juniper (planting roses near it is unacceptable);
  • soot plaque - colonies of fungi cover the leaves with black bloom (for spraying you need to prepare a soap-alcohol solution).

Gray decay leads to the defeat of buds, shoots, leaves, flowers. Over time, a gray bloom appears on them, brown rotting by foci. The affected parts of the plants die off. For spraying it is necessary to prepare a decoction of the horsetail, cut and destroy the affected parts of roses.

Viral diseases also affect roses. Virus carriers are malicious insects. Roses bloom poorly, development is slow. It is important to disinfect seedlings in a timely manner, to destroy insects - carriers of viruses that cause irreparable harm to roses.

137 Hybrid Tea Roses

Suitable shoots for cuttings - semi-woody. Young and fat shoots are unsuitable for cutting. Those who previously fed nitrogen fertilizers, too. During the night, the shoots are saturated with juices, so it is better to cut them in the morning, after placing the procedure in plastic bags with water.

Hybrid tea roses (video)

Tips and tricks

  • To form strong and powerful roots do not allow abundant flowering bushes. In the first year after planting the seedlings, remove the extra buds.
  • At a temperature of -8ºC cover, powder roses with sand, dry soil, and after hilling with spruce branches.
  • Make sure that tall trees do not shade the bushes, otherwise their development will be slowed down. Plants away from cherries, pears, raspberries, mountain ash.
  • For diseases of roses, immediately spray them with the necessary preparations. Such pests as aphids, beetles, ticks, insects, need to be removed in a timely manner.

Planting and care of new bushes is to feed the soil. When soil is depleted, remove it; root system nutrition should be complete. With timely feeding pathogenic flora will not begin its development.

In October, the first frosts come and hybrid tea roses need to be covered. You should not do this before the time limit: the unripe shoots will lead to softness and sagging of the wood. You shouldn’t be afraid of the first autumn frosts: roses are frost-resistant, quite hardy. The most sustainable varieties are the following:

  • Memori;
  • Eliza;
  • Beverly;
  • Marvel;
  • Nostalgia;
  • Gloria Day;
  • Password;
  • Grand Amore.

Before covering untreated young shoots, it is necessary to remove, trim the leaves, leaving cuttings at a length of no more than 1 cm, tie the stems in a bundle, process the iron sulphate (3%). Next, cover the bushes with a layer of earth up to 15 cm, cover it with non-woven fabric or spruce fur branches.

Hybrid tea roses are popular due to the variety of varieties, color palette, various shades.

Shrubs in height are different, which makes it possible to create any interesting compositions for gardeners and designers. Some varieties of roses change shades during flowering. Buds luxurious, elegantly folded. The flavor is different in each variety. Planting and care are not at all burdensome. Many varieties of roses bloom until late autumn, delight the eye with its magnificence.

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137 Hybrid Tea Roses
137 Hybrid Tea Roses
137 Hybrid Tea Roses
137 Hybrid Tea Roses
137 Hybrid Tea Roses
137 Hybrid Tea Roses
137 Hybrid Tea Roses
137 Hybrid Tea Roses
137 Hybrid Tea Roses
137 Hybrid Tea Roses
137 Hybrid Tea Roses
137 Hybrid Tea Roses
137 Hybrid Tea Roses
137 Hybrid Tea Roses
137 Hybrid Tea Roses
137 Hybrid Tea Roses
137 Hybrid Tea Roses
137 Hybrid Tea Roses
137 Hybrid Tea Roses
137 Hybrid Tea Roses
137 Hybrid Tea Roses
137 Hybrid Tea Roses
137 Hybrid Tea Roses

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