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Spring is the time to clean up the cellars and storerooms and check your stocks of jam, pickled cucumbers, pickled tomatoes and other summer cottages. Firstly, it will help you more accurately calculate how much and what kind of vegetables and fruits you will need to grow in the new year. But secondly, some of them could deteriorate over the long winter.

302-How to understand

Throw away immediately:

- Banks with swollen or plucked lids.

- Strongly darkened compotes and jam from berries.

- Rotten, softened or darkened sauerkraut.

Throw away by opening:

- Soft salted and pickled cucumbers.

- Tanks, at the opening of which a strong moldy ("cheesy") smell is felt. The contents of such cans are usually softened.

- Canned, normal-looking, but anomalously sour taste.

Can save:

- Candied jam. It is heated in a water bath until the syrup becomes liquid again.

- Moldy jam. The mold is removed along with the top layer of jam, and the remaining jam is put in a saucepan and cooked for 5 minutes, then put in jars and corked. Keep it after this procedure can only be in the cold.

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