How to save roses

I love roses very much, my husband gives me them every time for every holiday. Unfortunately, the bouquet quickly fades, and I would like to enjoy these beauties longer. Tell me how to save roses? Maybe there are some secrets to prolong their lives?

107-How to save roses
Perhaps there are no women who are indifferent to roses. Magnificent buds of the most varied color, proudly towering on a slender stem and publishing a delicate noble scent - what could be more beautiful than this spectacle? The only disappointment that they deliver is a short period of “life” after cutting, but the true connoisseurs of these flowers know how to keep roses, and are happy to share their secrets. So, what can you do to keep the roses in the vase as long as possible?

The decisive role is played by such factors:

  • The “right” vase;
  • "Special" water;
  • preparation of flowers.

Which vase is better to put roses?
107-How to save roses

The choice of vase depends on the height of the bouquet. You need to focus on the length of the stem: the longer it is, the higher the capacity should be. After immersion in a vase, the roses should be at least half in water, so you should give preference to high elongated dishes, and the neck should be wide enough so that the flowers are not crowded.

The roses will stand in ceramic vases for the longest time, because they will “hide” them from the light, and the water will not deteriorate so quickly, but it is better to refuse transparent containers such as crystal vases.

How to improve water quality?
107-How to save roses

For the bouquet it is necessary to pour the distilled water into the vase. In winter, it should be at room temperature, in the summer it is better to cool it slightly. For the roses to stand longer, add to the water:

  • an aspirin tablet;
  • activated carbon tablet;
  • vinegar and sugar (1 tbsp. for each liter of liquid).

The first two ingredients will disinfect the liquid and will inhibit the development of bacteria, and the last will serve as food for the flowers.

Put the bouquet in the vase correctly
107-How to save roses

Bringing the bouquet home, you need to immediately release it from the packaging and prepare roses. To do this, lowering the tips of the cuttings into the water, cut the shoots along the spit (you can still additionally cut them across). This must be done in the water, without reaching the flowers, so that air does not get into the cut, and traffic jams are not formed that will block the access of oxygen to the roses.

107-How to save roses

Another important point: all the leaves that may be immersed in water should be cut off so as not to cause premature rotting of flowers.

Where to place the vase?

It goes without saying that on the table by the south window the sun quickly “shortens” the life of roses, so for the vase you need to find the darkest place in the house (the closet has nothing to do with roses). It is desirable that there was cool, because the heat acts on flowers like the sun.

107-How to save roses

Every two days, the water should be changed by adding the above components to the vase. You should also update the sections on the flowers and spray them.

Resorting to these little tricks, you can extend the life of the bouquet and admire it for some time.

Video on how to extend the life of roses in a bouquet

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