How to process tomatoes in a greenhouse

To grow quality products in the greenhouse, you need to follow a number of rules. Processing tomatoes in a greenhouse is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance: the process does not require much effort and time.

353-How to process tomatoes in

The rules for processing tomatoes in the greenhouse

Tomato greenhouse processing

Universal remedy for greenhouse tomatoes is Bordeaux liquid. This drug is used when the plant has already undergone fungal diseases. During the period of the formation of bushes and fruits, the land is treated with the whole complex.

Before planting, seeds are treated with a manganese solution: this will allow to disinfect tomato seeds and reduce the risk of disease.

At the time of flowering spend spraying drug "Abiga Peak" to protect the bush from pests and to accelerate the formation of flowers.

During the period of fruit formation, preference is given to substances such as "Fitosporin" or "Confidor". These drugs protect the plant from bacteriosis and phytophthora.

To make the fruit juicier and tastier, the ground and the bushes are treated with the drug "Oxyh". Also, this substance is considered an aid in the fight against aphids.

The time of the procedure

The first processing of tomatoes in greenhouse conditions carried out 14 days after planting seedlings. For its implementation using mullein. To prepare the nutrient, you will need 1 liter of mullein, diluted in 10 liters of warm water. At least 1 liter of cooked liquid is poured into each bush.

The second processing of tomatoes in greenhouses or a greenhouse is carried out 14 days after the first. It is the use of potassium substances that accelerate the growth of the bush or ready-made mixtures of various trace elements.

Getting rid of parasites

Tomatoes are often attacked by caterpillars, whiteflies, spider mites or slugs. These parasites feed not only on the green part of the bush, but on the fruits, which negatively affects the final level of the crop.

When small holes are found on the surface of the tomato, it is time to treat the tomatoes with insecticides. They are diluted according to the instructions on the package. Timely spraying the bushes will save the crop.

  • The whitefly is destroyed with the help of the drug "Confidor".
  • Slugs are removed with a special solution from hot chili pepper. In 10 liters of water, about 20 liters of cayenne pepper are diluted and 1 l is poured into each bush.
  • The spider mite is afraid of "karbofos". Also used against it tincture of garlic, onion or soap solution.

Disease treatment


353-How to process tomatoes in

You can cope with the disease

The main disease affecting tomatoes is considered to be stolbur, which is located on the surface of the foliage. Signs of the disease - dryness and curling of the leaves. The main stem and the fruits acquire a stiff structure, as a result, the appearance of the fruit and its taste qualities are disturbed.

To save the crop, carry out several processing steps:

  • before planting, the bushes and soil are treated with insecticides;
  • during flowering, the land is treated with special antibiotics (preparations should not get to the plants, otherwise the formation of flowers will be slowed down);
  • when forming the ovaries, they are fed with immune stimulants.

Black spot

A symptom of black spot is the presence of watery areas, which eventually become black.

To reduce the risk of this disease, carry out preventive procedures: in the fall, after harvest, remove the rest of the tops. Also in the fall and spring they spray the soil with special antibiotics.

To cure this disease is impossible. At its first signs, the bush is eradicated and burned.


Infections caused by a variety of viruses are the most dangerous for tomatoes. The thing is, it's impossible to notice them right away. They begin to show up with time when it is too late to heal, so you need to comply with the conditions under which the tomatoes are safe.

Due to poor ventilation of the greenhouse or increased humidity levels, a number of complications arise:

  • lack of seeds;
  • necrosis, which is located in the structure of the fetus;
  • striped spotting.

At the first signs of the disease normalize illumination, install the lamp. Lighting should last for 12-15 hours a day. Humidity should not exceed 70%. Do not forget about airing the greenhouse: every day for 3-4 hours should open the window.

Special antiviral drugs are also used, but processing must be carried out carefully with them, because an excessive amount of antibiotics negatively affects the taste of fruits and crops.

Fungal diseases

The most common fungal infections are late blight, black leg and anthracnose.

Prevention of these diseases is carried out at the time of the formation of seedlings. When the seedlings are still in containers, they are treated with Bordeaux mixture or copper sulphate. Also use solutions prepared at home. An ideal variant is kefir tincture (1 l of kefir per 5 l of water). 1 l tincture is poured into each bush.

It is almost impossible to get rid of anthracnose - the damaged bush is removed and burned away from the garden plot.

Disease can be prevented. To do this, planting seeds are treated with an immunocytophyte and remove all waste after harvest.

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The fight against the black leg is in treating the plant with manganese solution. If desired, you can use the chemical preparation "Bactofit" or "Fitosporin."


A positive result of growing tomatoes is achieved only with proper care. In addition to proper watering and fertilizing important processing of tomatoes in the greenhouse. If you protect seedlings from diseases and parasites, you can increase yields at least 3 times.

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