How to grow good early potatoes

Make only six simple steps, and in June you will be able to taste new potatoes from your garden bed.

Step 1. Right now buy or remove from the storage place seed seed of an early variety (Zhukovsky Early, Beauty, Fortress, Good Luck, etc.). Select good, healthy tubers weighing at least 80-100 g.

Step 2. Prepare a solution of copper sulphate (5 g per 10 l) and a little sifted ash. Dip the tubers into the bluestone for 5 minutes and immediately powder with ashes.

Step 3. Stir the sawdust with peat (1: 1) and fill the box or basket, moisten it with a solution of any complex fertilizer (possible for flowers), diluted as for foliar feeding (according to the instructions). Slightly press the tubers into the substrate at short intervals. Top sleep is not necessary.

Step 4. Hold the week at room temperature and 3-4 weeks at 14-15 ° C. It is not necessary to water, but it is useful to periodically spray it with water from a spray bottle.

Step 5. Once the bed is free of snow, set the arcs and stretch the film on them.

Step 6. When the soil under the film warms to 8 ° C, carefully plant the tubers to a depth of 6-8 cm.

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