How to freeze tomatoes in the freezer

To eat tomatoes is best in late summer and early autumn. At this time of year, fresh tomatoes taste the best. But some housewives try to freeze the tomatoes, so that even after the onset of cold weather add them to different dishes. Consider how to freeze tomatoes properly at home.

297-How to freeze tomatoes in the freezer

Tomato freezing rules in the freezer

Freezing Whole Fruits

To freeze the tomatoes in the freezer can be a variety of ways. This product is used by housewives both as a whole (for stuffing) and in chopped (for salads, stews), so it is worth considering how best to freeze the tomatoes so that they do not lose their unique beneficial properties.

Since the fruits are too watery, it is not always possible to preserve their structure and ensure that the vegetable does not lose its taste.

Like any other vegetables, tomatoes can be frozen as a whole. After defrosting the tomatoes will be no worse than before this procedure. However, to get a quality frozen product, you need to follow the instructions:

  • wash the fruits and dry them;
  • put the fruits on a tray in 1 layer so that they do not lose shape;
  • put fresh tomatoes in the freezer;
  • decompose frozen tomatoes into packets, removing air;
  • put the blanks in the freezer.

Freeze whole tomatoes can be and without peel. For this purpose, a cross-shaped incision is made on the washed fruits in the upper part. Then the tomatoes are sent to boiling water so that you can gently remove the skin from them. The tomatoes, already peeled, are laid out on a tray in the same way as in the previous case, frozen, and then packaged in separate bags.

In the process of freezing tomatoes should not touch each other, as they will stick together and lose their shape.

Freezing fruit circles

With the addition of fresh vegetables, the dish is enriched with a rich taste and aroma. Consider how to freeze slices in tomato circles.

At the preparatory stage, the hostess should thoroughly wash the tomatoes and dry them, after which you can start cutting the fruit. The width of each circle should be within 7 mm.

297-How to freeze tomatoes in the freezer

Follow the recommendations

After that, the tray is covered with cling film or parchment paper. On this tray, the circles are arranged so that they do not touch each other.

The billet should be in the freezer for at least 2 hours. But freezers work with different power, so the hostess must control this process independently.

When the tomatoes are completely frozen, you can start packing them. As in the previous case, it is very important to remove excess air from the plastic bag.

Tomato freezing slices

You can freeze tomatoes and slices. It is very convenient, because the product significantly reduces the amount of time spent. Consider how to freeze sliced ​​fresh tomatoes.

  • choose fleshy fruit with a minimum amount of moisture;
  • rinse and dry the tomatoes completely;
  • cut the fruit into cubes of medium size;
  • Prepare small containers and small plastic bags.

It is impossible to thaw and use part of the tomatoes from the bag, and then freeze the residue again. In each container or bag put the amount of product that will be needed for 1 serving of the dish.

If you decide to freeze fresh fruit without peel in the freezer, then it must first be removed from the whole fruit.

Freeze tomatoes in mashed potatoes

You can freeze the tomatoes in the form of a specially prepared tomato puree. This is the only method of freezing, involving the use of any types of tomatoes, even the most juicy and watery. In this case, it is permissible to freeze and overripe berries.

To freeze the tomatoes in the form of mashed potatoes, the fruits are thoroughly washed, peeled and cut into small pieces (1 tomato - into 6 parts). After that they are passed through a meat grinder or blender.

Missed mashed or blender mashed potatoes Packed in plastic containers.

When frozen, mashed potatoes increase in size, so pouring the mass to the edges is not necessary, otherwise the container in the freezer will crack.

Liquid puree is frozen in special ice tins. For the tomato mixture is poured into molds and wait for it to freeze completely. This method is even more convenient, as the hostess can get the required amount of mashed potatoes.

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If you properly freeze the tomatoes or any other vegetable in the freezer, it will not lose its taste.

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