How to decorate the garden in winter

258-How to decorate a garden in winter
Natalya asked a very interesting and relevant question: “Can you please tell us how to decorate a garden in winter so that it would be interesting for children to play in it?” We will be happy to answer the question posed.

With the approach of winter, less and less bright colors remain in the garden. Green bright summer behind, behind and autumn, pleasing us with yellow-purple hues. Nature froze. But winter is also a magical time, fabulous, beautiful. One has only to look out the window and look at the unusual shapes of trees, shrubs, hedges, sculptures. After all, we will not hibernate, but will admire the beauty of a magnificent winter garden!

258-How to decorate a garden in winter

Year-round beauty of the garden

In order for your garden to be beautiful even in winter, you do not need to make any special efforts. To the question of how to decorate it, we reply that this will help you suitable plants. The most important are evergreen fluffy pines and spruce, juniper, yew. They will decorate your garden not only in winter, but also for the rest of the time. Christmas tree can be decorated with toys, fun and bright garlands, regardless of the number in the winter calendar.

In addition to conifers, plants with a contrasting pattern of stems and bark are ideal. For example, thin birch trees with black and white trunks, turf with multi-colored shoots. Bright accents can place berry bushes, whose fruits do not lose their juiciness even in severe frosts: rowan, hawthorn, viburnum, euonymus, sea buckthorn, barberry.

258-How to decorate a garden in winter

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Landscape Winter Design

Winter landscape design in winter is a diverse garden sculpture. The lack of color is compensated by attractive shapes and some designer details. For example, garden furniture will add comfort and peace, greatly enlivening the picture of the garden. In winter there is very little light, therefore more artificial lighting should be added: bright and original garlands hung on bushes, trees, lanterns and lamps along the paths will give a special charm.

The most interesting element of the winter garden will be sculptures made of snow and ice, made by hand, as well as various toys, decorations. Their creation can take the whole family. Sculpting snowmen of different sizes and with different elements is not only an option for creative garden decoration, but also providing fun family entertainment. Various toys and decorations will become real “magical” objects, opening roads to other worlds, and will be very useful for children's games and performances.

To add bright colors you can use an interesting idea:

  • collect balloons of different shapes and sizes;
  • fill them with dye water;
  • tie balls, leave in the cold.
  • when freezing remove the film.

As a result, you get amazing, like glass decorations that can be placed throughout the garden or make an interesting composition.

Figures from the snow (video)

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