How to clean pipes and drains

How to clean pipes and drains
Drain from a sink or sink can clog in any bathroom or kitchen. However, not everyone knows how to deal with such a problem. It turns out that cleaning the pipes and removing drains is an occupation that even a novice plumber can do. We advise you how to do this and successfully clean the pipe.

Sewage installation: prevention is better than cure In order for the sewer system to function correctly, it must be properly done. It is especially important to adhere to the diameters and weights of the lines specified in the technical specifications. The material from which the installation is made is also important. Today, installations are usually made of plastic, which has many advantages (among other things, very smooth inner surfaces of pipes, resistant to the formation of scale and aggressive chemicals).

However, even the best installation will be clogged if we do not use it properly. It should be remembered that the sewer system should not fall: large amounts of food residue, especially when it is fatty; solid waste, such as: bones, rags, cotton wool, feathers, sawdust; rubbish, sand; chemically aggressive substances.

The sewage system may be partially clogged - then the outflow from the plumbing equipment will be slow or completely stop - the water does not drain at all, so it can flood the bathroom or kitchen.

Siphon clogged: how to clean sewer when water does not want to drain If the water does not want to drain from the sink, this means that the sewer pipe is clogged. Siphon is designed to prevent odors from entering the sewer system into the premises. When this does not happen - you must clean it. New siphons (plastic or steel) are designed in such a way that it is not a problem to unscrew them. Under the siphon the vessel should be placed in such a way that water and impurities get into it. Read: STRETCH CEILINGS - FROM SOURCES TO PRESENT TIME

Worse, when it is an old, cast-iron siphon. To clean it, it is better to call the plumber - it is difficult to disassemble and clean. Most siphons have so-called revisions through which a spring can be inserted. However, cleaning the cast iron siphon is not easy. Best of all, the cast iron siphon should be replaced with a plastic one at the earliest opportunity.

All siphon elements, especially the gasket, must be cleaned before reassembly. The rubber gearbox is installed in its place and tightens the siphon cover, disassembled earlier. Apply a masking socket to its pipe. Place the siphon tube in the hole in the wall and tighten the siphon fastening nut. Finally, check how the water flows and whether the siphon is installed securely.

Simple cleaning device - pusher Pushers are best suited for clearing jams and drains. Clearing storm sewers is very cheap. The traditional pusher consists of a pole and a rubber cup attached to it. A modern one is equipped with a pneumatic mechanism, thanks to which a person using a pusher can use less effort. Before starting to unscrew the pipe, it is necessary to close the drain hole. Then close the drain hole with a rubber cup and press it several times into the drain hole. When the water collected in the sink or sink, will drain, you must pour fresh and repeat the procedure until we are satisfied with this effect. Thus, the blockage will be pushed into a further part of the sewer system with a larger diameter. This method of cleaning, although effective, can lead to blockage of the drainage pipe over time in an inaccessible place. To avoid this, you can try a less well-known, but more effective way. The rubber cup should be placed over the sink drain, lightly press and quickly pull up. Impurities that clog the sink should fall into the sink, from where it is easy to remove. Read: Wooden house of glued laminated timber

Chemicals - will they remove blockages from sewer pipes? They dissolve the dirt collected in the siphon, but if the drain pipe is clogged, they may be ineffective. On the shelves you can find several different measures to clear the sewer system. However, they are not intended for each installation. Even the best product used incorrectly will not help, it can even hurt.

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