How to build your own hands and inexpensively equip country

367-How to build your own hands
A summer house is a really inexpensive house for life, and only from a certain time we began to consider it a luxury. In fact, if you remember the old days, these are small houses that are half or three times smaller than the village ones, but comfortable and cozy for living at any time of the year. Therefore, it makes sense to recall how such housing is being built and equipped, and to take care of the maximum comfort that is possible thanks to modern technologies and materials.

So, today we are building a small country house in which a small family can live freely. We will not address the issue of financial problems and moving to a country house, but simply examine the question from the possibility of living in such a country house at will, but not according to circumstances.

What should be a country house

Each country sets its own basic requirements for dacha, depending on personal requirements. But today we are talking about how to equip the house comfortably and at the same time economically. 

Believe it is real!

So, what is a cozy and comfortable cottage for life inexpensive? This is a small house that has everything for cooking and personal hygiene. It is warm in winter and cool in summer. Inside there are some appliances, and on the street, at the summer cottage, there is everything for a simple rest.

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367-How to build your own hands

It would be nice to have several hundred square meters of land on which you can plant vegetables and fruits for personal consumption, as well as a couple of small flower gardens, say, just for the soul.

In fact, a person does not need too much to feel good. Therefore, we believe that it is possible to do without expensive intellectual systems and automated equipment. However, now you can see for yourself!

Choosing a project of a country house

In order to make construction as cheap as possible, but not to get away from its quality, you can choose an inexpensive project. There are plenty of them on the Net and even among the house builders themselves, who simply give some typical projects to their clients. But there is always a way to get a project and not to order a house from builders, it’s easy.

You can also create your own home project, which will be convenient to you personally by the location of the interior. The main thing in determining the materials of construction, so that you have the opportunity to show the project to professionals, for the approval of the possibility of construction.

367-How to build your own hands

Structure area: the golden mean

To build an inexpensive country house, you do not need to chase a huge area. Repeat the essentials - a couple of rooms, a kitchen, a corridor, a bathroom (if inside the house), a small storage room. All this can fit on about 40 square meters. It will be something like an average two-room apartment, which is enough for a family.

The premises themselves can be divided by area, as it is convenient, if only the project is approved.

What to build?

Today, such buildings can be expelled from a variety of materials:

  • Glued laminated timber or log is a modern return to classical construction, but it is very difficult to find a good price;
  • The construction of housing made of brick or cinder can be a little cheaper, but here it is worth considering the cost of subsequent finishing;
  • You can build a house frame method, for example, of CIP panels. It will be average for the price and not bad for energy saving.

Any material for the construction of a country house can be expensive and not so much, and if you study the market well, then you can even go away from the standard cost by 40-60%. This is so, because the cost has a regional affiliation, and is also aligned by many builders under the "prominence" of their company.

Inexpensive foundation built

The foundation for such a house really cost a penny. Comparatively, of course. But here it is important not just to cheapen the foundation, but be sure to choose one that fits your residential building.

It is necessary to consider the materials of construction, roof, paneling, because all this gives weight to the foundation. But it is also worth referring to the study of the soil, because not everywhere you can pour the strip foundation and stay on this option. In some cases, if there are some problems with the ground, it will be necessary to use piles, and this is already an increase in the cost of the process.

367-How to build your own hands

Inexpensive roof and roof to give

Most of the roofing options we studied in the thematic article earlier, and you can at any time refer to it to get the necessary information.

As for the cost, today it is most advantageous to install slate or corrugated roofing on the roof.

There are other options, but you should always make a start not only from economy, but also calculate possible service lives in advance. In this case, depending on the type of roof, you can pay attention to shingles, Ondulin and other types of roofing

How to build a cottage cheap

The answer to the question here is very simple - to build a house with your own hands! But if there is no qualification, and the house is needed in the near future, what to do then? Just look for an inexpensive mason or a team of shabashniki who will be ready to inexpensively build your home in the country.

Those who have not encountered such a question will surely assume that this is impossible, but will definitely prove to be wrong. Just see how many builders are looking for income today, and with the construction of your summer house a little bit, you can make money. It remains only to determine among the total number of those offering their candidacy those who will be able to build efficiently and for the price tag you offer!

367-How to build your own hands

Choose a plot to give 

Today there are a lot of offers in the country cooperatives. There are even absolutely penny, if only man would take the land, and with it the obligation to pay land contributions and pay for water and other indicators of civilization.

It is very good if the site will be selected not only by cost, but also by criteria of quality and practicality. The soil, its quality, topography, distance from the entrance, neighborhood or city, planting in the country, the ability to build quickly and without problems - all this is very important, but the list of requirements is far from complete. The main thing here is communications: electricity, water, gas, sewage. It is good, when at autonomous substations or even with centralized support, the main thing is to have light and water, the rest is simpler.

Choosing a place under the building

The site for the construction of a country house should be on a hill so that the building is not affected by surface or ground water. It is advisable to position the house at a distance from the road, from unnecessary neighbors' views and road dust, and also so that the maximum of windows comes out on the sunny side, because it is very good when it is light inside.

Further, the parameters of the location of a residential house on the site can be determined independently.

We set the foundation

Since the construction we will have a frame type, inexpensive, but very modern, we can not really deepen the foundation, because it will be just a waste of money. You can choose a simple columnar foundation or ribbon. Platforms and flood plates are not needed here, that's for sure.

Under the frame house foundation can be set independently, if you have even the slightest construction experience. But if the construction team works on the territory of the dacha, let it be better engaged in this process, since the foundation of the house plays a very serious role.

Frame installation 

The framework of the country house is built quite simply, but strictly according to the project. It is desirable to initially provide for the laying of communications in order to hide them in the thickness of the floor and walls. Also, pay attention to the need for such facilities as the cellar, because it can always be under the house itself.

The installation of the frame takes place in conjunction with the installation of the truss system on the roof. If the roof of the house will be on their own project, other options are possible.

Then everything is standard - the frame of the building, the roof and roof, which we talked about quite a lot.

367-How to build your own hands

Inexpensive home improvement

Now we need to make sure that the arrangement does not cost more than construction. We will not work with the interior today, as well as with accessories and décor, but we will definitely work on providing comfort inside.

In terms of home improvement, all issues should be resolved with the utmost practicality!

Electricity in the house

Naturally, the easiest way to provide a house with electricity is to make a wiring from the center line. But there are always auxiliary options. Of course, they can divert the budget in a negative direction, but they still need to be remembered.

Electricity can produce solar panels. In this case, it will be necessary to spend money only on the purchase and installation. Then you will receive electricity almost for free, however, in small quantities.

The simplest sewage in the country

Who said that providing high-quality sewage at the site is very expensive? It's just that we are used to working with septic tanks and irrigation fields, which in the complex is decent. You can always approach the issue from the other side and, for example, build a cesspool of used bricks or just one concrete ring. Of course, sometimes you have to call a car to maintain such a local treatment plant, but you can always reduce costs by purchasing special additives for septic tanks. These are bacteria that will help ensure the decomposition of all effluent and minimize the cost of cleaning the sump.

Inexpensive water supply cottages

Plumbing at the dacha is good, but if it is not there, several tanks will save the situation. One can be placed on the street for summer use, and the second on the roof of the house, so that inside you can wash dishes, take a shower and so on.

If we talk about the cost of these types of collateral, then centralized water supply is always more convenient and cheaper. You pay the standard tariff for the meter and do not worry about the delivery of water, its cleaning.

How to build a cottage? Selection of materials (video)

Cooking and heating

It is very important that the house was warm, and there was also a stove on which to cook. This may be a single design, for example, a modern cooking stove, which will also heat the home in winter.

Just an ordinary stove, a cast-iron stove that is installed in any room of a country house. If not, you can build a stone stove, however, the stove-house services here can seriously hit the price.

So, it is probably worth counting how much you can save on such construction, and whether it is really possible to live in a country house inexpensively.

367-How to build your own hands

Inexpensive life in the country: summing up

We chose an inexpensive, but decent and high-quality plot, built a simple modern house on the frame technology. Here we have practically a standard, but if we count on the area and inexpensive construction of a house, here we are already seriously saving.

Also, we immediately remove from the budget expensive septic tanks, stoves, electrical appliances for heating. This gives us the opportunity not only not to spend money immediately, but also not to throw out money for the maintenance of such instruments and systems. Of course, there are solutions that are much more practical than a stove or water tanks, but our task was to prove that life in the country house can be comfortable and inexpensive. As it seems to us, we did it, especially if after construction and arrangement of the house you also put in order and make it more comfortable the entire suburban area.

We will not argue, live in the country, and even in conditions to which we are not quite accustomed, not everyone will become. But now you will have a separate private house, albeit a small one, which is a valuable real estate. But in the summer it is generally the best place to relax!

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