How many live decorative rabbits at home

Rabbits are popular pets that are great for large and small families. Pets can be allowed to walk around the house and not be afraid that they will do something. However, you need to follow the wires: these animals love to gnaw through them.

246-How much do decorative rabbits live

Rabbit lifespan

Before taking an animal, you need to consider how many years decorative rabbits live at home.

general description

Wild rabbits live 2 times less decorative. This is due to the fact that rabbits that live on the street are forced to get food on their own, which is not always possible. If they get sick, no one can cure them. In addition, they constantly save their lives so as not to become dinner.

How long can the fluffs live? The life of the rabbits at home depends on the care of them and, of course, on the diet. Also affected by the breed of the animal. With proper care and diet fluffy can live from 8 to 12 years, regardless of the breed.

Some experts argue that the smaller the pet, the longer it will live. For example, dwarf rabbits live much longer than the generic.

Factors affecting life expectancy

Veterinarians identify more than 20 factors that can affect the life span of a rabbit, the most important of which we consider below.

  • Much depends on how the mother gave birth. The physical health of both mom and dad is also important, because 50% of diseases are genetically transmitted.
  • Nutrition (properly balanced feeding), conditions and quality of care. It is very easy for a pet to spoil the digestive system by improper feeding, which can later greatly affect its vital signs. Particularly attentive to the dwarf rabbits.
  • Any kind of injury, illness or infection. If it became obvious that the health of the rodent is deteriorating, it is necessary to immediately go with him to the veterinary clinic.
  • Experts believe that animals that have been neutered, live much longer generic. This mainly concerns female pets, because due to constant pregnancies, the life of the female is reduced by 2 times.
  • Activity. This animal is very important to move a lot, constantly run and jump, so the cage should be spacious.
  • 246-How much do decorative rabbits live

    The effect of weather on the condition of rabbits

    Dwarf rabbits

    How many years does a decorative rabbit live at home? Dwarf animals can live on average from 10 to 12 years, but history also knows long-livers, whose age has reached the 20-year mark. To achieve this indicator, it is advised to properly feed your pet using dietary supplements.

    246-How much do decorative rabbits live

    Ram fold

    Lop-eared breed

    Naughty lop-eared rabbits live 7-9 years. Lop-eaves do not belong to cowardly animals, which reduces the risk that they will die from fright.

    Among the decorative representatives of this breed there is such a trend: the smaller the pet, the less it lives.

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    Wild rabbits

    In captivity, wild rabbits live less than 3 years. In order to prolong this indicator, immediately after catching eared, it is advisable to take them to a veterinary clinic so that experts can assess the animal's health: perhaps it is a carrier of some kind of infection.

    246-How much do decorative rabbits live

    Wild rabbit at home can live up to 5 years

    If you provide the pet with proper care, balanced nutrition, it will be able to live up to 5 years. Of course, in this case, you can not do without constant vaccinations.

    How to increase the pet's lifespan

    In order for rabbits to live at home for a long time, the main thing is not to forget to regularly vaccinate them in order to protect them from various types of diseases.

    Many ailments are transmitted through the air. If you do not clean the animal for 2 weeks, in the wet litter there are worms. It can cause rodent allergy, prickly heat, and even some forms of lichen.

    The animal can be injured, in this case, you must immediately contact your veterinarian.

    The owner is obliged to monitor the activity of the pet, as the rabbits by their nature and a minute can not sit quietly. Flaccidity or drowsiness are the first symptoms of a pet being unwell. Most veterinarians are inclined to say that their vital signs do not depend on the breed of rabbits, the reason for everything is the physical or even moral state of the animal.

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