How and where do pistachios grow

Bought in the nursery pistachio sapling. The seller said that a small bush would grow out of it, and I always thought it was a tree. Tell me, how do pistachios grow? What height do they reach and how wide is the crown? I have one free place in the garden, but I don’t know if they have enough space there.

359-How and where do pistachios grow
Green almonds - as often called pistachio tree. Tasty, oily and nourishing fruits of greenish color make a worthy competition to walnuts. True, they cannot completely replace it, because, unlike walnut, pistachios grow only when there are certain climatic conditions and many gardeners can only dream of this culture and be content with imported druids purchased in the store.

This is how the pistachio fruit is correctly called, and the elongated nutlet is actually an edible bone or intraplant. However, the people "do not bother" botanical subtleties and simply call pistachios nuts, like any fruit that has a shell and core.

Bush or tree?
359-How and where do pistachios grow

How pistachios grow depends on the growing climate. In nature, culture grows on stony soils where heat and moisture are in short supply. Such conditions left an imprint on the shape of the root system: in search of water, the roots go deeper into the ground by 15 m, with several tiers, and on the sides even more spread up to 25 m in width. Naturally, there can be no talk of any neighborhood, pistachios firmly crowded out other cultures, capturing space, and growing alone, while they cannot boast of a special thicket of thickets.

359-How and where do pistachios grow
In desert climates with occasional rainfall, pistachio often grows into a large shrub, forming several trunks. It branches well, forming a lush crown with elongated, up to 20 cm, green leaves with traced bright veins. If there is enough moisture, the pistachio leaves in one trunk and grows in the form of a tree. Its height can reach 10 m, and the thickness of the trunk - up to 1.5 m, while the crown remains the same thick due to the active branching of the shoots.

Pistachio is a long-lived, in a suitable climate and with proper care it lives up to 1000 years.

Both at a bush, and at a tree the trunk is characteristic to bend and bend aside. The bark on young twigs is painted in a beautiful red color, with age it becomes gray. Pistachio blooms early, in March, or in May, if the terrain with a cooler climate, and comes into fruition in the second half of summer. It is a dioecious plant, requires planting of different-sex seedlings.

Interestingly, the culture tolerates not only drought, but also relative cooling. She is not afraid of frosts up to 25 degrees.

Where do pistachios grow in Russia?
359-How and where do pistachios grow

In our country, culture may not be grown everywhere. In the cold northern latitudes, some desperate amateur gardeners plant pistachios in pots in winter gardens, but they take up too much space as a pot crop and it’s very difficult to provide them with a powerful root system.

But in the southern regions, in the Crimea, along the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus, pistachios are quite comfortable. I especially liked the variety called pistachio there, which successfully fructifies in our conditions.

Video on how to grow pistachios

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