Frying pan with a lid from china - advantages and

75-pan with lid from China
Golden crust on meat, steamed vegetables and rosy pancakes are a great idea for a festive dinner. It is possible to bring it to life thanks to the original frying pan with a lid from China. In it you can stew, fry and heat various foods. A transparent lid of heat-resistant glass allows the hostess to follow the flow of these processes. Nevertheless, the taste and the presentable look of the dish itself will depend on the quality of the material as well as the design of the dishes. Therefore, when choosing a griddle, pay attention to the following.

The first criterion is the material.

75-pan with lid from China
This Chinese dish is made of aluminum, which is covered with 3 layers of ceramic substance (Excilon). Thanks to this protection, the products do not stick to the surface and as a result do not stick. This is a very important point, because very often the hostess cooks damp meat (cutlets) or fish. This non-stick layer is provided by manufacturers for economical consumption of vegetable oil, which is important for cooking, for example, pancakes. Among other things, the pan is suitable for:

  • cooking on all types of stoves, especially induction;
  • washing in dishwashers;
  • different degrees of roasting meat products.

As already noted, this dish is made of anodized aluminum, so it is very light (weight 1.28 kg). It is convenient to lift it, turn it over, and also carry out other operations with it, which are often so necessary for chefs. At the same time, the material quickly heats up, which contributes to uniform roasting of products. However, with the same speed he cools down, complicating the hostess work. Nevertheless, this model has other features.

The second criterion is design.

75-pan with lid from China
The transparent cover is made of heat-resistant glass. Its edge is framed by a metal arc, which, unfortunately, is subject to deformation. On the glass there is a hole for the release of excess steam. The holder on the cover is made of durable plastic.
75-pan with lid from China
The positive characteristics of this Chinese frying pan include:

  • round shape;
  • comfortable and long handle;
  • diameter - 26 cm;
  • capacity - up to 2 liters;
  • board height - 6 cm.

75-pan with lid from China
The main handle is made of heat-resistant material that does not melt and rarely heats up. It is attached to the base of the pan with bolts, which can be clamped slightly when loosening. The originality of the model gives the color of the internal coating. The beige shade will not only refresh the interior of the kitchen, but also inspire the hostess in the process of cooking to embody new ideas.

75-pan with lid from China
On the AliExpress marketplace, users will find several models of this pan (different diameter and color). Their cost ranges from 930 to 990 rubles.
75-pan with lid from China
This is the best price for dishes with a non-stick coating, which is now in regular stores from 2 to 10 thousand rubles.

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