Fighting bark beetle in the country garden

85-Fighting bark beetle in the country garden
There are quite a few standard activities in the dacha garden, but one should not forget about the most important ones that can prevent diseases and tree loss. One of these is the fight against bark beetle!

Bark beetle is a terrible enough insect for your country garden. A small pest with all its relatives is able to systematically destroy young and adult trees. At the same time, some insects can get into the house, where they take up the destruction of wooden floors, furniture, windows and doors. If you have wooden buildings on the site, then the pest may well wield there.

Pergolas, arches, pergolas, baths from a log house or simply with wooden furnish inside, can also be affected by the life activity of the beetle beetle. Therefore, recommends the systematic destruction of insects that can cause so much trouble.

85-Fighting bark beetle in the country garden

Listen to our advice, use the most effective methods, but expel the pest from the garden and the territory of your site. If you do everything right, the result may well be positive.

What is a bark beetle

In a professional language, and simply in country conversations, this insect can have several names. Not all of them are correct, based on the species and subspecies, but you may find the following "names" of the bark beetle - apple, shashel, tree breeder, fruit sapwood, wrinkled sapwood, plum bark beetle, apple sapwood and others. Insects belong to the family in which the sense of smell is very developed. These are pests that can absolutely correctly select the necessary wood.

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85-Fighting bark beetle in the country garden

It is also interesting that the bark beetle can catch the smell of the desired tree from a distance of even a kilometer!

Beetles harm wood! It is according to these tissues that the plant receives water and nutrients that go from the bottom up, and if the wood is damaged, then by simplest thinking it can be understood that the tree will receive less of the right amount of substances for growth and development, and, accordingly, will begin to fade and die!

Malignant activity of the bark beetle

How does an insect behave in the garden? Getting on the necessary tree, beetles inhabit the circumference of the trunk. Next, gradually make their way inside, where they drill uterine passages. The resulting dust goes outside, and for the observant summer resident can be the first sign of the settlement and life activity of the bark beetle.

Having prepared the moves, the beetles begin to lay eggs, from which the larvae will soon appear.

They also arrange moves inside the tree, causing him even greater harm. Thus, a bark beetle is being built.

Bark beetles feed inside and outside, hibernate inside the plant and quickly multiply. But do not forget that the pests often lure old or weakened trees, as well as those that are grown outside the rules of agricultural engineering.

85-Fighting bark beetle in the country garden

How to detect a bark beetle

We have already suggested one way to understand whether there is an insect in the tree, but this is not the last indicator of a pest in the garden.

The beetle hunts weakened trees. It is more interesting for him to settle down where it will be possible to organize a large and safe nest, while not attracting attention and not wasting strength on solid healthy wood. This is possible with weakened krupnomer or diseased plants, and therefore, first of all, you should look for a garden pest here.

The determination of trees infected with pests is carried out by a visual method.

85-Fighting bark beetle in the country garden

You need to pay attention to the trunk and look at it holes oval or round shape. This may mean that the bark beetles have lived within a rather long period and have even produced offspring. The same sign can be a woodpecker, who works hard on a tree. Quite often he tries to find exactly the bark beetle.

Once again, we turn your attention to sawdust, which are thrown by insects from the trunk during the formation of internal passages. Brown sawdust may indicate that the beetles are just under the bark, and there is still time to work on saving the garden. If the sawdust is white, the insects are already deep in the tree, and it is almost impossible to save it.

85-Fighting bark beetle in the country garden

Methods of struggle

Having noticed the signs of the habitat of the bark beetle in the garden, and the fact that its life is getting better at your expense, you should immediately take all possible active actions to prevent insects from destroying your garden completely. To do this, we recommend using the special tips that we have identified in this block of the article!

  • The fight against pest begins with a garden inspection. If there are trees with defects in it, you should immediately proceed to business. Clean the bark using special scrapers in the places where it is damaged, and inspect the bark beetle's “settlement”.
  • Immediately, while clearing the bark, the cuts are made shallow to get to the passages, the pest and the larvae, and also to understand how far the bug has penetrated the tree. This will help assess the situation and not cripple the tree, which can further weaken it.
  • Further, the mandatory treatment of protective drugs, which, penetrating deep under the bark, will be able to erase insects. Of course, inside the tree, a bug will destroy little, but if the problem is detected on time, then high-quality chemicals from the bark beetle can do a pretty good job.
  • Do not forget about the mechanical method of dealing with the bark beetle. We all try to "push" on chemistry, but after all, before there had been no such pest-based drugs, and gardeners had to use a completely different approach. For this purpose, an ordinary metal wire was used, with the help of which a bug could be destroyed inside its course along a tree. At the same time, make insecticide douching in order to maximize the impact on the pest.

If a certain branch of a tree is seriously infected, or you understand that it will not be possible to reach the insect anymore, it is better to cut off such foci of infection and immediately burn it!

Bark beetle in our garden (video)

Prevention of pest invasion

The best method of fighting insects - prevention. And it should learn every summer resident, regardless of the type of unexpected guests. It is necessary to memorize preventive measures and use them on time, which will allow for a long time to keep the orchard healthy. So what should be done to prevent the garden from becoming contaminated by bark beetles?

85-Fighting bark beetle in the country garden

There are several good ways, and we will tell about each of them:

  • First of all, the constant inspection of your garden in the country, which will provide an opportunity in time to determine not only the bark beetle in the garden, but also other insects, diseases, problems;
  • Maintaining proper agricultural practices, perhaps not even for the garden as a whole, but for each individual tree. Watering, pruning, crown formation, soil mulching, garter, rationing and fertilization, spraying, foliar feeding, washing, etc., are shorter than anything that will give the plant strength and will not allow it to weaken in front of danger;
  • Autumn and spring tree care is very important. Here and bark cleaning, and timely treatment, and preparation for changes in temperature, humidity, frost. In this set of rules you can make whitewashing of trees, wrapping them for the winter, other measures;
  • Do not forget about the timely processing of plants with special means of protection. To do this, you can use complex drugs to work on several insects, as well as garden diseases. It is very important, if we are talking about bark beetle, to process trees while they are feeding outside. At the end of flowering and until the fall, this beetle feeds on greenery on the branches, step by step, as it matures, and therefore each offspring can be killed with insecticides, and thus completely destroyed;
  • Another good way is to communicate with old-dacha summer residents. Ask local gardeners how they deal with the problem in your area. Often such advice is better than any modern drug!

Fighting a bark beetle in a garden can turn into a fierce war if you give your villa little attention. And therefore you should constantly be alert not only to detect the danger in time, but also to neutralize the enemy as quickly as possible.

To do this, you can contact the organizations that provide professional services for the protection of plants from pests and the destruction of bark beetles, for example, the company Dendromir:

If readers of our site have their own ways of destroying harmful insects, we will be happy to hear them! We recommend reading the article on how to treat trees in the country.

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