Features of preparation of hvoynikov for winter

310-Features preparation conifers
It would seem that conifers feel great, growing in central Russia, and no winters are afraid of them. Indeed, many of the conifers are unpretentious, but even local pines and spruces can not stand all the vagaries of winter, not to mention the exotic species of plants. Therefore, you need to worry about how to help your plants survive the frosty time well and preserve their beauty. Each type of coniferous plants requires an individual approach, but there are some common points. So, we will open a couple of secrets, how to prepare conifers for winter.

Water recharge irrigation

Preparing conifers for winter begins in the autumn, when deciduous trees will throw off their crown. At this time, it is necessary to shed the root of the plant well, about 5-8 buckets on each. Such irrigation is especially desirable for plantings made in this and past seasons, varietal specimens and exotic plants - in any year of life.

310-Features preparation conifers

What is it for? The needles of these plants from sleep frost wakes up earlier than others. And it often happens that the roots at this time are not yet able to “get” enough moisture because of the frozen soil. As a result, the needles are burned.

If the soil was well and timely moistened, then it will freeze less, and the risk of spring damage will be minimal.

Strengthen new landings

Coniferous trees collect a large amount of snow on their branches. And if winter pleases us with heavy snowfall, then sticky snow mass can form on them. This weight is sometimes too heavy, especially for seedlings that did not have time to take root. Therefore, in order to avoid their fall and prevent the roots from breaking, it is better to fasten the plants with stretch marks. This material is useful for owners of blue firs.

310-Features preparation conifers

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Burn protection

Cypress, columnar junipers, some varieties of thuja and Canadian spruce must be protected from sunburn. For this purpose, the shelter of hvoynik for the winter with a special material is provided

For such a goal is well suited:

  • sackcloth;
  • pritenochny grid;
  • woven propylene cloth.

It is not recommended to use lutrasil and other covering materials, as they accumulate solar heat.

310-Features preparation conifers

Having chosen a suitable material, it is necessary to impose it on the plant and tie it with string, without tightening the branches heavily. No need to "wall" crown all the last twigs. If there are "windows" - it is even good, because there will be access to fresh air. If the plant is very large, then just pritenite its south side. For fans of dwarf conifers this article will be useful.

310-Features preparation conifers

Cooking conifers for winter (video)

Crown binding

Binding of the crown is necessary for those plants that are resistant to the wind and are not afraid of the spring sun. It is necessary not to bind their branches tightly so that they do not twist and break under the weight of snow or freezing rain.

310-Features preparation conifers

What to do, if...

  • did a lot of sticky snow fall?

"ListParagraphCxSpMiddle"> Snow can be knocked down from plants using a board or pole, wrapped in a soft cloth beforehand. Shaking the trees and hitting them with all your strength is not necessary, it is easy enough to tap with small dots. So you do not damage the bark or branch.

  • was it freezing rain?

"ListParagraphCxSpLast"> In this case, try to give the branches their original position with the help of screeds and supports. Do not try to melt the ice with a hairdryer, warm water.

"ListParagraphCxSpLast"> Together with artificial heat, a kidney can wake up prematurely. When the weather is sunny, the ice will melt on its own, you just need to support the plants until this period.

310-Features preparation conifers

The state of health of the plants, their health and appearance during the whole year depends on how thoroughly the preparation of the conifers goes for winter. Small labor and material costs can prevent the occurrence of diseases, as well as the death of rare and valuable specimens. It is much easier to prevent diseases and other damage to trees and shrubs during cold days than to cure them and restore lost ornamental properties. We recommend to learn how to protect and cure trees from sunburn.

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