Ergonomic technology

214-ergonomic technology
Technologies of compactness and ergonomics are a complex of knowledge of summer residents and landscape designers who every day put forward and realize new ideas of a summer cottage set. Sometimes, they are not as successful as we would like. But there are more effective developments, giving us the opportunity to get everything desired even on the smallest dacha. presents a lot of opportunities for compact configuration of the problem. Today you will learn the ways of arrangement, which are considered the highest quality.

How to save space in the country

This question is very important, because often in a standard area we want not only a garden and a vegetable garden, but also a summer shower, a bath, a pool, flower beds, a greenhouse and much more, which will give us a feeling of satisfaction with our own site and certain amenities.

Therefore, you should follow some rules that will increase the possibilities:

  • In time to get rid of all the excess, no matter what it concerns. Don't need a barn? Take it down and build a more suitable economic structure in its place. The hedge has turned into a tangled prickly bush that takes up a lot of space along the fence? Do not regret, cut and install a new fence or plant fresh and young plants! Tired of watching trash in the country? Use it with advantage or just take it out of the lot;
  • Never clutter up a site with what you consider essential. That is, do not do this rashly. For any construction or even decorative design a work plan should be drawn up, a project that can be created using programs for landscape design. Then everything will be distributed to the site correctly initially;
  • Combine buildings as much as possible, create sets of flowers and shrubs, optimize the free space at the cottage!

Simple tips to pay attention to! They will help you to have at the cottage enough space to arrange it according to your own requirements.

Let's look at some examples of ergonomic technology that has prepared for you.

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Flower beds in the garden

You want to grow flowers, but in the country there is no place for the organization of colorful flower beds? This is not a problem at all, because we have found a rather simple solution for her - shade-tolerant flowers.

214-ergonomic technology

You can find a place in the orchard, which is not occupied by anything, and plant similar plants here in any geometry. You can arrange not just unorganized flower beds, but create real fenced flower beds. It will be very pretty. In addition to flowers, many other ornamental plants can be grown in the shade or partial shade of the garden, pay attention to this!

Flowerbed on the roof of the summer house

The problem is solved in another way - the green roof. We talked in detail about living roofs on houses, garages and even sheds, and therefore this idea is not new to readers of our site. There is no place for flowers in the cottage or even in the garden? Move them to a higher level!

214-ergonomic technology

Green roof - a very interesting way to design. It will increase the decorativeness of the whole country house, as well as give you the opportunity to realize what you want.

Growing green in the garden

In the garden, we grow a lot of greenery, which is occupied by those beds where cucumbers, potatoes and many other crops could grow. We can’t just give up the same dill or parsley, but you can always transfer some greens to the orchard.

If you have not planted flowers here, then you have plenty of free space at your disposal. Choose the best bed for the requirements of greens and spices, and feel free to plant these plants here in the penumbra of the garden.

Vertical flower beds in the country

A very interesting topic that necessarily falls into the list of ergonomic technologies. Vertical beds give us the opportunity to save space in the country. Here you can grow a lot of crops - berries, herbs, spices, some vegetables, flowers.

214-ergonomic technology

By occupying a small piece of land just for the installation of a supporting frame, you can create a vertical bed of your own height, or even higher. There is nothing difficult in this, one has only to draw a preliminary diagram and implement the project. It will take only a day or two to this facility.

How to find a place for berry bushes

We always try to plant shrubs near the fences. That's right, it is along the fencing them and the place. But sometimes it is worth changing the place of dislocation, for example, move the bushes to the palisade. Thus, you make room for flowers that grow better in the sun. At the same time, flowers will not need to be planted on the structures of vertical flower beds, where greens and spicy herbs can now be planted.

Tiered Gardens

A small garden allows us to grow only a few buckets of tomatoes and as many cucumbers. A little later, from the dacha garden, we collect a few more bags of potatoes. It is very small, and even eating for the whole warm season is not enough. But the situation is fixable - multi-tiered gardens.

214-ergonomic technology

Dacha old-timers will immediately turn on logical thinking and express discontent with the fact that high beds of many-tier vegetable gardens will cast a lot of shade on nearby growing crops, and therefore minimize their harvest due to lack of sun. All this is true. But you can not grow crops in several rows, but in one row. Plant a garden in several tiers along the fence of the economic yard, and all the plants will be well lit. In addition, they will always be perfectly ventilated, which will reduce the possibility of the occurrence of dangerous plant diseases several times at once.

Compact summer shower in the country

Recently we talked about how practical and spacious a shower can be built at the dacha. Unfortunately, this is not always advisable, especially when the shower occupies several square meters of your site at once. On the one hand, this is nothing at all, but if you collect all the saved meters at our country house, you can reach the result in the whole weave, or even two. Therefore, we try to save here.

214-ergonomic technology

It is not necessary to build a capital structure under the shower. Brick and cinder block, we still miss. Let's look at the option of a light frame shower.

What to do with the compost pile

Compost at the cottage is an excellent solution for free and very effective fertilizer. But it happens that the compost pile takes up exactly the place where there must be something else.

This solution is not suitable for everyone, but we are sure that a part of summer residents will agree to prepare not fast compost, but long compost.

To do this, we need to dig a hole in any suitable place, for example, even in an economic yard, where nothing from the crops is planted, and determine the compost there. Yes, during one warm season only, fertilizer in such a pit will not work, but in a couple of years all the plant residues thrown there will rot and give even better fertilizer.

Place for the greenhouse in the country

It is quite simple to choose a place for a greenhouse at the dacha, if there is enough free space, but if there is none, you have to find a way out of the situation. The solution can be a flat roof of a garage, an extension to the house or a hangar.

If there is such a roof, the greenhouse on it will turn out just great. You can build from polycarbonate, which will give the design consistently excellent quality, and at the same time does not load the roof.

214-ergonomic technology

Everything is quite simple here. Greenhouse on the roof - a place in the sun without a drop of shadow, and this heat and lighting. Ventilation is also high. Well, it remains only to assemble a reliable frame from the profile, sheathe the greenhouse with polycarbonate, bring inside the boxes for the nutrient substrate, fill them in and plant the plants. The only problem may be water drainage. But for this you can always do drainage in the greenhouse and discharge water through the gutters into special tanks near the building. If you install several inexpensive filters, then this water can even be reused.

Arbor on the roof

The same solution can be applied to the arrangement of the resting place. The flat roof is welded with an arch, which performs two functions at once - it is suitable for weaving plants, and also ensures safety. Next, a staircase is installed on the side of the building (which, by the way, will be needed for the greenhouse on the roof), and furniture is placed inside the new arbor. The decoration and overall decor is yours.

By the way, about the organization of such a place of rest on our site already have detailed material, do not forget to read it!

Planning of the dacha (video)

Treehouse - space saving technology

Your baby has no place to play in the country, spend time with friends or just have fun while you are busy? Build him a tree house. This is an excellent solution to save space in the country, which we also talked about not long ago.

A tree house will appeal to any child, and it will not take place where you can plant plants. This is the best alternative to the ground-based playground, if the cottage does not have enough space.

Bath on a small dacha offers an excellent budget bath solution for those summer residents who do not have the opportunity or time to build a bath. Also, this option is great in the case of a small area.

214-ergonomic technology

We are talking about a mobile bath, which is also called a portable, team or hiking. It is a frame, stove and cape. All this fits in any corner of the barn or even in a large bag (provided that the oven is a national team).

Mobile bath is installed anywhere in the cottage, even on the recreation area, in the garden, behind a residential house. Installed, heated, took a pleasant procedure, and then simply put the bath in a bag.

Compact buildings for country animals

If you decide to start a bird, rabbits, nutria or other living creatures in the country, you can no longer worry about the lack of space. On the market today there are prefabricated structures, modular open-air cages and just components for facilities, which, according to the occupied area, will only steal a couple of square meters from you. Agree, it is not necessary to build in length and width, if you can build up.

Ladder reliable ladder will help to cope with the tasks of feeding and replacing litter, if, of course, it is required. After all, you can install only a few rabbitries on each other and put in them a couple of dozen rabbits. It is enough even to install three stands to the height of your own height!

Inflatable and frame pools

Swimming pool is not only a dream of every summer resident, but of every person in principle. But it stops us a lot! One of the reasons may be the lack of free space in the country, although, more often than not, it is the cost of the pool.

214-ergonomic technology

If there is money for the purchase, but there is no space, then we suggest that you proceed as follows. At the cottage there should be one small platform that will be used very differently.

Let's say this is a canopy site where you usually have lunch or dinner.

So, now it is possible to install not only a mobile bath that fits easily under any roof, but also a pool. For example, you install a pool in the morning, the whole day it heats water to a comfortable temperature. In the evening, you relax in it and take a pleasant water treatment, and then simply pour it into a palisade or garden, where it is very necessary. You dry the pool and put it away, for example, in a bag. And tomorrow your playground is ready for new solutions again!

Storage of tools and inventory

Saving space in the country implies the exclusion of the construction of individual booths or storerooms for tools and equipment. You already have a barn or garage where all such accessories can be placed. It is clear that in these buildings there is not enough space, but there is always a way out.

Placing the tool under the ceiling will free up any angle. Shovels, rakes, choppers, pruners, handsaws - all this can be stored, if not on the stands on the wall, then just under the ceiling. For this purpose, suspensions and hooks are arranged, on which the entire instrument is placed. The only requirement is high reliability of fasteners for inventory, so that all safety rules are followed.

Arbor inside the country house

Let's analyze all the same situation with the economy of the dacha territory, but in the case when you need to build a gazebo. There is no place for it, but there is a solution.

214-ergonomic technology

In the gazebo, you can turn the corridor of a country house. This may be the same veranda, if you want, where the place is a little more.

We recently wrote about open and closed verandas, and how simply one porch transforms into another. All that is needed is only the weatherization of a given room and the ability to remove and install windows with varying seasons. In summer it is an open veranda where you can sit for morning tea and evening conversation in the open air. And in the fall and winter - a warm and cozy room.

Now you do not need to allocate the extra 4-6 square meters of the territory of the cottage under the gazebo, it is enough and the amenities of the veranda.

Technologies of compactness and ergonomics at the dacha are impressive in their simplicity, and therefore, before making a difficult decision about a given situation, think carefully ... the decision is always there.

Saving free space at the dacha will allow you to make the whole territory more convenient, and this without unnecessary oversaturation of the dacha plot with construction objects and garden beds. There are a lot of similar ideas, and if you come up with something new and interesting, be sure to share your thoughts with us, already here, in the comments to this material.

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