Electrofireplaces for the apartment

Electrofireplaces for the apartment

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Thermal cassettes for fireplaces are a type of fireplace inserts. After their establishment, the usual country fireplace remains an open fireplace, but its efficiency reaches already 80%. Agree that in comparison with a traditional fireplace, the efficiency of which reaches only 30%, this is a fairly large figure. Thus, the heat cartridge is a device that allows you to increase the heat transfer of your hearth. They are installed in a specially prepared place in the fireplace.

There are two types of heat trays. The first ones are a device consisting of two elements: the insert itself and the air chamber; secondly, double walls are installed for more efficient heat release. In both types of heat trays, grate bars, ash boxes, traction and power regulators are installed.

The flow of heat from fireplaces with heat cassettes into the room is based on the convection air circulation and the reflection of heat into the space.

The cassette insert is equipped with heat-resistant glass doors, with which you can regulate the burning of the flame in the hearth. If you close them, the fire will burn slowly, with the open position, the flame will be strong and beautiful, you can freely admire them, since the glass doors allow you to watch the live fire.

When you install an air chamber together with a cassette, you can not only heat one room, since hot air flows will be directed to the next room, which is very convenient in a multi-room apartment or house.

To install such a cassette, immediately before installing it, you must thoroughly clean all elements of the fireplace, right up to the chimney. Then remove the lining of the niche, and if necessary, even change the size of the niche.

After all these procedures, the heat cartridge itself is installed directly. It must be installed on the top sheet and connected to the pipe, it is also necessary to install a special door to clean the pipe. Read: LED spotlight

If you for some reason cannot get a heat cassette, then it is easy to make from concrete blocks.

As you already understood, the thermal cassette for fireplaces is the best way to increase the efficiency of fireplaces. At the same time, such devices are much cheaper than installing a new center that is more suitable for your premises.

Thermal cassettes can be purchased at any store selling fireplaces and heating appliances. If you wish, you can invite a specialist to install a thermal cassette.

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