Edible plant amaranth

- The majority of Russian summer residents see amaranth as a decorative annual. In fact, it is the most valuable vegetable plant known to mankind for many centuries.

Amaranth's homeland is America. For two ancient civilizations of the continent - the Aztecs and the Incas - this culture occupied the second most important place after corn and served as one of the main sources of protein. In shoots and leaves of amaranth it contains at least 16% - more than other grains.

In the 20th century, interest in this plant was revived not only across the ocean, but also in Europe. In our country, the introduction of amaranth as a crop was done by none other than  Academician Nikolai Vavilov.

337-Is edible amaranth plant

Currently, the flour from the seeds of this plant is used to produce many food products: bakery, pasta, confectionery. Seeds receive valuable vegetable oil, and fresh herbs are used in cooking, in particular, for the preparation of salads and soups.

Growing amaranth on the site is not difficult. To get useful greens early, it is best to sow for seedlings. Do it in the first half of April. Plants are planted in open ground after the threat of recurrent frosts has passed. When sowing the bed will have to wait until mid-May, when the earth warms to at least 10 ° C.

The following vegetable amaranth varieties are suitable for growing in Russian gardens: Valentina, Sturgeon, Kovas Memory.

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